Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon Timeline Is Huge, Goes Beyond The Movies


  • Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon has a rich history, beginning as a pitch for a Star Wars movie and evolving into its own expansive universe.
  • The writing team has developed the extensive history of the Mother World, exploring its medieval roots, technological advancements, and even the birth of previous Princess Issas.
  • Despite low review scores, Zack Snyder hopes to continue exploring the galaxy and potentially showcase more of Mother World’s history in future projects.

Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire already has an extensive history. Originally a pitch for a Star Wars movie, Rebel Moon has evolved into an extensive property of its own with complex politics and an entire universe on the brink of revolution. In the first movie, the people of the moon of Veldt are already gathering recruits to wage a war against the tyrannical Mother World’s Imperium.

While the original movie only brushes on a small piece of the Mother World’s history, Zack Snyder didn’t settle with just that. In an interview with, Snyder revealed that he has mapped out Mother World’s history from its inception. Not only did the writing team develop the origin world myth and its medieval era, but they also know the direction that Mother World will take long after the events of Rebel Moon — Part 2: The Scargiver. Check out his quote below:

“The Mother World’s history, we went all the way back to even the origin myth for the Mother World’s creation. Whatever their genesis story would be, we did that. And we followed the Mother World from its medieval roots to its rise to its finding technology, its first tentative steps into the stars, all the way to the two other Issas that had been born before the Princess Issa that we see in this movie. There’s a whole thing. So we absolutely went deep on it. And then we also went past, of course, the events of our movie, to know where this story could go, if it were to go further.”

The Massive Scope Of Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon

The history of the Imperium is already explored in the original Rebel Moon movie. The Imperium’s conquest of Mother World allowed it to rule for generations before Mother World faced a crisis of resources. While Mother World remains a powerful hub for the Imperium, the empire needed to extend its influence to otherworldly colonies to survive. One of those colonies is the moon of Veldt, wherein many of the events of A Child of Fire take place.

Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire and Rebel Moon — Part 2: The Scargiver were filmed back-to-back and shared a budget of $166 million.

The brutal Imperium regime is often considered a villainous entity, but Snyder does attempt to add some realism and nuance to the empire. Princess Issa is meant to bring kindness and compassion to the Imperium, and she is often expected to end wars across the galaxy. Even within the Imperium, hope for an end to suffering does exist and Issa is proof. Issa’s family history also stretches back over 1,000 generations of kings and queens, a detail painstakingly developed by Snyder and his team.

Future projects will determine whether or not Snyder will be able to showcase more of Mother World’s history. The franchise’s future is questionable, given the painfully low review scores, but Snyder hopes to someday explore more of the galaxy. It remains to be seen if the other unexplored elements of Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire will ever be depicted on-screen.


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