Why Luke Cage’s New Hero Team is So Much Better Than Spider-Man’s


  • Luke Cage’s team displays better chemistry and respect for their leader than Spider-Man’s team, leading to more effective results.
  • The conflict or cooperation between Luke Cage and Spider-Man’s teams will define the “Gang War” event.
  • Luke Cage succeeds as a leader where Spider-Man fails, as he carefully selects teammates who are cohesive, cooperative, and hold respect for him.

Warning: Spoilers for Luke Cage: Gang War #2!As Spider-Man struggles to get his superteam on the same page, Luke Cage’s team is making an immediate impact in Marvel’s “Gang War.” Peter Parker and Mayor Luke Cage have both recruited teams of NYC superheroes to help him quell the rising unrest in the city. So far, Cage’s squad has proved more effective – and has displayed much greater respect for Cage as a leader than Peter has received.

Luke Cage: Gang War #2 – by Rodney Barnes, Ramon F. Bachs, Andrew Dalhouse, and VC’s Travis Lanham – finds the situation in the city spiraling out of individual heroes control, leading to the formation of two separate teams. It’s no coincidence both Luke Cage and Spider-Man have assembled teams at this pivotal moment, and the conflict or cooperation between the two is sure to define the “Gang War” event.

Both men’s approach to forming and leading their respective teams is distinct enough to notice, and the performance of each team so far has been noticeably different, especially in how they are perceived by the heroes they’ve recruited.


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Luke Cage’s Team Has Better Chemistry Than Spider-Man’s

Luke Cage Gang War #2, Luke Cage recruits former Iron Fist Danny Rand

Marvel’s “Gang War” features different mobs in the NYC area fighting, and causing chaos as they scrtamble to claim open territory in the wake of Hammerhead’s apparent death and Tombstone’s hospitalization. To deal with the problem, Peter recruits locals Miles Morales, She-Hulk, Elektra, and Spider-Woman. However, none of them seem particularly willing to follow orders his orders, as they instead tells him what they plan to do to save New York, whether he approves it or not. Miles Morales has already not been too fond of Peter, but his team’s reactions to him remind readers that Spider-Man is widely disliked by Marvel’s other heroes.

By contrast, Luke Cage has no issues with his teammates. As he dons a new superhero persona, to evade New York’s anti-superhero laws, the city’s mayor also decides to form his own team of heroes. He recruits his best friend Danny Rand, the former Iron Fist, his wife Jessica Jones, and the duo Cloak and Dagger, whom he helped out in Luke Cage: Gang War #1, leading to them becoming his first recruits. Luke Cage: Gang War #2 marks this new squad’s first adventure together, and they are already off to a good start, thwarting the criminal Smythe’s plans and showcasing stellar teamwork.

Luke Cage Succeeds As A Leader Where Spider-Man Fails

Luke Cage: Gang War #2, new team consisting of Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Danny Rand, and Cloak & Dagger

As his brief attempt at leadership has showed so far, Peter Parker isn’t even his teammates’ favorite Spider-Man on the team. It seems as though when Luke Cage carefully picked out those closest to him to join his ranks, Spider-Man chose his team out of convenience. This came back to not only bite Peter but deeply affect their chemistry. Team Cage checks off all the basic boxes for the team to work. They’re cohesive, cooperative, like each other, and hold respect for their appointed leader. If Team Spider-Man want to make it out of “Gang War” alive and successful, they need to learn a thing or two from Team Luke Cage.

Luke Cage: Gang War #2 is on sale now from Marvel.

Luke Cage: Gang War #2

Cover for Luke Cage: Gang War #2 by Canaan White

  • Writer: Rodney Barnes
  • Artist: Ramon F. Bachs
  • Colorist: Andrew Dalhouse
  • Letter: Travis Lanham
  • Cover Artist: Canaan White