Who Is Todd In The Last Man On Earth? (& Where You’ve Seen The Actor)


  • The Last Man on Earth is a groundbreaking post-apocalyptic comedy that combines surreal comedy with profound themes of survival and human connection.
  • Todd, played by Mel Rodriguez, is a beloved character who navigates complicated romantic relationships and longs for parenthood throughout the series.
  • Rodriguez, a versatile actor known for his roles in other TV shows like Better Call Saul, brings depth and relatability to his characters, including Todd in The Last Man on Earth.

Todd Dimas Rodriguez is one of the best characters in The Last Man on Earth, and the Todd actor is a familiar face on television. The Last Man on Earth stands out as a pioneering show in the realm of post-apocalyptic comedy, a genre not often explored on television. The narrative is set against the backdrop of a devastating virus that seemingly wipes out all of humanity, except for the protagonist, Phil Miller, played by Will Forte. As the series unfolds, Miller’s solitary existence is upended by the gradual discovery of other survivors, each bringing their own quirks and histories to the mix.

The show’s genius lies in its ability to oscillate between moments of surreal comedy and profound introspection. It’s a testament to the show’s writing and character development that it can elicit laughs while delving into themes of survival, morality, and the innate need for human connection. As the characters navigate the challenges of their new reality, the series raises questions about what it means to rebuild society from scratch. The humor is often dark, the situations bizarre, yet there’s an underlying tenderness that makes the show a truly unique viewing experience, and most of that tenderness comes from Todd in The Last Man on Earth.


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Todd Is An Apocalypse Survivor With A Complicated Romantic Storyline On The Last Man On Earth

Todd (Mel Rodriguez) and Phil (Will Forte) walking through an empty street in The Last Man on Earth

One of the most intriguing and beloved characters in The Last Man on Earth is Todd, a fellow survivor of the apocalypse. Introduced as a seemingly ordinary, kind-hearted man, Todd quickly becomes an integral part of the survivor group. His journey throughout the series is marked by several complicated romantic relationships, notably with Melissa (January Jones), Gail (Mary Steenburgen), Carol (Kristen Schaal), and Erica (Cleopatra Coleman). Todd’s love life takes another turn when Erica reveals that the late Phil II had chosen him as a surrogate father for her unborn baby. Meanwhile, Carol surprises him with a request to impregnate her, believing her husband Phil to be sterile.

Amidst these romantic and reproductive entanglements, The Last Man on Earth season 3 sees Todd hoping to rekindle his relationship with Melissa. However, he is deeply unsettled by her erratic behavior, stemming from the trauma of killing Darrell. Displaying his deep care and commitment, Todd manages to cure Melissa’s condition using Clozapine, leading to their marriage. In the show’s fourth season, Todd faces yet another emotional hurdle. After Melissa decides against having children, Todd’s longing for parenthood intensifies. This storyline culminates in a touching resolution when Erica agrees to have a child with him, announcing her pregnancy in season 4, episode 15, “Designated Survivors.”

TV Actor Mel Rodriguez Plays Todd In The Last Man On Earth

Marco reunites with Jimmy in Better Call Saul

Mel Rodriguez, the talented actor behind the character of Todd, has had a diverse and impactful career in television and film. Before his memorable performance in The Last Man on Earth, Rodriguez was already known for his roles in various high-profile projects. He demonstrated his versatile acting skills in Showtime’s dark comedy series, On Becoming a God in Central Florida, where he played Enie Gomes, a water park employee caught in a pyramid scheme. This role highlighted his ability to bring depth and relatability to characters in surreal, often absurd situations. Rodriguez’s talent for portraying multi-faceted characters was further evident in his role as Marco Pasternak in Better Call Saul.

Rodriguez often gravitates towards characters with a law enforcement background, bringing a unique blend of authenticity and likability to these roles. This tendency underscores his skill in portraying authority figures with a human touch, making them relatable and real. While The Last Man on Earth was a huge project for Rodriguez, he has two exciting upcoming projects in the works. The first is a short film called The Last Fry in which he plays Bruce Salinger. The second project is a drama series, The Residence, which documents the White House’s staff residence and their shared lives with the First Family. Rodriguez plays Bruce Geller.

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The Last Man on Earth

The Last Man on Earth is a fox comedy series set in a post-apocalyptic world where a virus has wiped out nearly all human life – at least, that’s what Phil Miller believes. Heading on a cross-country journey to find other survivors, Phil nearly succumbs to hopelessness until he finds a woman named Carol, who suggests the two attempt to repopulate the Earth. Soon enough, more and more humans are found alive, slowly building new communities – but Phil seems to have trouble acclimating to the new societal order.

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March 1, 2015

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