Where To Watch Godzilla Minus One: Showtimes & Streaming Status (Including Minus Color)


  • Godzilla Minus One is a standalone film that is not connected to the Monsterverse, making it more accessible for audiences and Godzilla fans worldwide.
  • The film was released in theaters on December 1, 2023, but its limited release may make it challenging for some viewers to find showtimes.
  • The streaming and digital release dates for Godzilla Minus One have not been announced yet, but it is expected to be available on various platforms eventually.

Godzilla Minus One is the latest Toho monster movie, and there are different options for where audiences can watch the film. Godzilla’s presence on the big screen has been dominated by the Monsterverse since the franchise’s creation in 2014, but Toho’s legacy and the cultural significance the creature has to Japan has remained. Godzilla Minus One puts the King of the Monsters back at the forefront as an antagonistic presence terrorizing Japan after World War II. It is written and directed by Takashi Yamazaki, the widely successful Japanese director and visual effects artist, a perfect fit for the new version of Godzilla.

The release of Godzilla Minus One breaks a seven-year gap between Toho’s individual efforts to bring its monsters to the big screen, although only two years have passed since Godzilla was triumphant in Godzilla vs. Kong. While the giant kaiju has since been seen on the small screen, the new horror Godzilla movieholds no connections to the rest of the Monsterverse, making it more accessible for audiences and Godzilla fans around the world. Given the movie’s very positive response, excitement has only grown to see what Godzilla Minus One delivers, leaving viewers eagerly waiting to watch it.


Godzilla Minus One Ending Explained

Godzilla Minus One featured a few twists that require explaining, along with where all of the characters wound up at the end of the action.

Godzilla Minus One Released In Theaters On December 1, 2023

Godzilla Minus One Is Expected To Pull From Theaters In February 2024

A woman looking out a window at Godzilla in Godzilla Minus One

The earliest opportunity to see Godzilla Minus One was through its theatrical release. Toho International had a deal for over 1,000 screens to begin showing the movie in America starting on December 1, 2023. This is almost a full month after Godzilla Minus One debuted in Japan on November 3 to celebrate the franchise’s 70th anniversary. The limited release could make it challenging for some to see the movie depending on whether a theater near them has showtimes.

Godzilla Minus One Movie Poster

Godzilla: Minus One

Godzilla: Minus One is the first Godzilla film since the release of Shin Godzilla in 2016 in the U.S. domestic market. The film brings things back to the start as the King of Monsters returns in destructive fashion.

Release Date
December 1, 2023

Takashi Yamazaki

Ryûnosuke Kamiki , Minami Hamabe , Yûki Yamada , Munetaka Aoki , Hidetaka Yoshioka , Sakura Andō , Kuranosuke Sasaki

125 Minutes

Find Showtimes For Godzilla Minus One

Theatrical showtimes from Friday, December 1 onward can be found via the links below:

Godzilla Minus One Minus Color Released In Theaters On January 26, 2024

Godzilla Minus One Minus Color Was A Limited Release

Godzilla with Glowing Eyes in black and white in Godzilla Minus One

Following the success of Godzilla Minus One‘s initial release, Toho released a special black and white version of the movie in theaters for a limited time too. Godzilla Minus One Minus Color released in theaters on January 26, 2024 and had a limited one-week run. The short period of time that Godzilla Minus One‘s black and white version will be available means that showtimes and ticket availability were in high demand.

The black and white version of Godzilla Minus One may have a home release by Toho as well.

When Will Godzilla Minus One Release On Streaming?

A Streaming Release Date Is Currently Unknown

Godzilla Minus One Poster Cropped

Toho has yet to announce when or where Godzilla Minus One will release on streaming. The studio does not have any existing deals in place to cover the new Godzilla movie, which could mean a bidding war will happen for its streaming rights. Max could be a natural destination for Godzilla Minus One given Toho’s existing relationship with Legendary and Warner Bros., but the studio has also worked with Netflix and Apple on original Monsterverse content.

While this film is not connected to that franchise, history could still be a factor in determining a streaming home. Godzilla Minus One‘s streaming release date is dependent on it landing a deal.

When Will Godzilla Minus One Release On Digital?

A Digital Release Date Is Currently Unknown

For those who want to watch Godzilla Minus One at home, the film’s digital release could be the best option. No digital release date has been announced yet, but the movie is expected to be available to buy or rent on most PVOD services eventually. It was only meant to have a limited theatrical release, but Godzilla Minus One‘s box office has extended its stay and delayed any digital release. In that case, a digital release will give people around the world a new and easier path to seeing Godzilla Minus One.

  • Godzilla Minus One Movie Poster

    Godzilla: Minus One

    Release Date:

    Takashi Yamazaki


    Action, Adventure, Horror, Sci-Fi

    Takashi Yamazaki

    Toho Studios, Robot

    Shin Godzilla


    Ryûnosuke Kamiki, Minami Hamabe, Yûki Yamada, Munetaka Aoki, Hidetaka Yoshioka, Sakura Andō, Kuranosuke Sasaki

    125 Minutes