What Happened To Su-yeong In Sweet Home Season 2

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Sweet Home season 2.


  • Su-yeong is killed by Jae-hwan after he turns into a monster in episode 2.
  • Su-yeong’s death deeply affects the group, especially her brother Yeong-su, who becomes rude and loses hope.
  • Yeong-su has experienced multiple losses and will face more challenges in the future as the survivors’ situation worsens.

What happens to Su-yeong in Sweet Home season 2 can be confusing, especially considering that it was followed by a year-long time jump. Season 2 picked up from where season 1 had left off, with the remaining residents of the Green Home now having to find a new place to stay following the destruction of the building. However, even before the new Sweet Home cast could be introduced, a couple of characters from the previous season were killed off.

Sweet Home season 3 is happening, which makes sense considering how much the show’s worldbuilding expanded after the time jump. Still, as interesting as it was to meet new characters, completely moving away from the well-established names from season 1 was a risky decision. This includes Hyun-su himself, who disappears during episode 3 and only reappears in episode 6, but also characters that were killed even before the time skip.


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Su-yeong Died In Sweet Home Season 2, Episode 2

Su-yeong dead in front of Yeong-su in Sweet Home season 2, episode 2

Su-yeong is killed by Jae-hwan, who turns into a monster when the survivors are riding a bus that is heading to a new safe location. Jae-hwan’s transformation began in the middle of the night, and Su-yeong was the first one to notice. While Jae-hwan did not hurt her right away, he eventually attacked the girl. Su-yeong’s death is not exactly shown on screen, which is why there has been some confusion as to what happened to the character. However, the girl never wakes up after the attack, all but confirming that she was either hit or bitten by Jae-hwan and died before she barely left the bus.

How Su-yeong’s Death Affected The Sweet Home Characters

Yeong-su in Sweet Home season 2, episode 4

Su-yeong and her brother, Yeong-su, were the two children Hyun-su helped save from the eyeball monster in Sweet Home season 1. After their father died, the kids were adopted by the rest of the group. Su-yeong’s death deeply affected the remaining of the group, especially her brother. Not much is shown from Yeong-su’s reaction right after her death, but when the character is revisited one year later in episode 4, he is very different. Yeong-su was now rude, did not respect the adults, and seemed to have no hope that things would get better. The group also lost Ji-su just a few hours after Su-yeong’s death.

It makes even more sense for Yeong-su to be so traumatized when considering that Ji-su died in Sweet Home episode 3 trying to save him. Yeong-su lost his father, sister, and friend within days, and it is difficult to predict in what other ways their deaths will impact the character going forward. Sweet Home season 2 ends with Yeong-su still at the stadium, which could be attacked at any time. Things will certainly get worse for the survivors, but hopefully, Yeong-su can find the strength he needs and make new friends now that much of his family is gone.

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