Wednesday Season 2 Theory Would Open The Door For More Supernatural Storylines


  • Wednesday season 2 could bring in new supernatural elements by exploring Wednesday’s ability to see other ghosts.
  • The consequences of Wednesday’s resurrection should be addressed in season 2 to maintain suspense.
  • Introducing ghosts at Nevermore Academy would add an interesting dynamic to the show and provide new storytelling opportunities.

Wednesday season 1 saw the titular Addams resurrected from the dead, and a fan theory suggests this could connect to a new supernatural storyline in season 2. Not only would this add an element of interest to the Netflix series’ next installment, but it would ensure that Wednesday faces some consequences (for better or worse) for her brush with death. It only makes sense that being brought back to life by an ancestor’s ghost would change Wednesday’s character forever, and Wednesday season 2 could use this to its advantage to include other deceased characters in the story as well.

At the end of Wednesday season 1, all hope seemed lost when Wednesday was stabbed by the villain Joseph Crackstone. Before her life force was drained entirely, Wednesday’s ancestor, Goody Addams, appeared in ghost form and used her powers to heal her injured descendant. Goody explained that that would be the last time Wednesday would see her, which shuts down the idea that this outcast hero would appear in future seasons. However, a theory from a fan on Reddit provides a way for Wednesday season 2 to bring some new ghosts into the story.

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A Wednesday Season 2 Theory Would Bring Ghosts Into The Show

Wednesday season 2 could go in any number of directions, but one Redditor suggests that the plot could see Wednesday realize that her brief encounter with death has allowed her to see other ghosts aside from Goody Addams. This could make sense, considering it was the power of a ghost that healed Wednesday. Goody had to funnel some of herself into her descendant to heal the wound and return Wednesday’s life force, and assuming that ghosts can see other ghosts, this could easily mean that everyone’s favorite deadpan heroine has gained this ability for herself going into Wednesday season 2.

This would be especially interesting since there are several dead characters after Wednesday season 1. Principal Weems’ death seemed sudden and far from final, leading many to wonder whether she could somehow return for Wednesday season 2. Wednesday gaining the ability to see ghosts would provide the perfect opportunity for this. Additionally, Rowan, the student who tried to kill Wednesday but was killed himself instead, could also make a return appearance—perhaps, as the theorizing Redditor suggested, he could offer his telekinetic abilities to Wednesday as an attempt to protect her after wrongly trying to get her killed.

Season 2 Should Show The Consequences Of The Wednesday Season 1 Finale

Being brought back from such a wound should undoubtedly come with some consequences in Wednesday season 2. As effective as Goody’s magic was here, it may have been too easy a solution. If Wednesday just goes back to life as usual in Wednesday season 2, it could hinder the suspense going forward since the idea around death will no longer be taken seriously—Wednesday could always be brought back again. If there is a ripple effect stemming from the ending of Wednesday season 2, then the Netflix series would be holding itself accountable.

Though a gained ability to see ghosts could certainly serve as an adequate consequence (since this would surely be a nuisance in many ways), there could be a number of other options. A classic consequence of being brought back to life within fiction is the idea of “borrowed time,” which includes the character learning that their resurrection is only temporary. This would certainly be a dark twist for Wednesday to have to work her way around, especially with the tease of a stalker threatening her around every corner in Wednesday season 2.

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Ghosts Would Make Wednesday’s Nevermore Academy Even Better

Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) looking grim and Enid (Emma Myers) looking delighted outside Nevermore in Netflix's Wednesday

Though any supernatural consequence would make Wednesday season 2 more interesting, the idea of ghosts at Nevermore is highly appealing. Aside from the characters that died in Wednesday season 1, there are countless possibilities for the kinds of spirits Wednesday would see at the school for outcasts. Perhaps Edgar Allen Poe himself has taken to haunting Nevermore. Or, on a more plot-related note, there’s a possibility of bringing Tyler’s mother, Francois Galpin, into the mix.

Wednesday is teased to be returning to the Addams Family mansion in season 2, which could also mean some interesting opportunities for ghosts.

A lot of Tyler’s story in Wednesday season 1 didn’t get fully fleshed out, and the finale implied that his Hyde persona would continue to be a problem. The whole reason that Miss Thornhill managed to brainwash the boy was his anger over his mother’s death, so the opportunity for Wednesday to meet her and discover what really happened (and when and why Hydes were officially banned from Nevermore) could drive the plot forward. Overall, the ability to see ghosts could be a perfect new power for the Addams family daughter, so this Wednesday theory could very well be valid.

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