Vanderpump Rules: Ariana Madix Nominates Two Co-stars for Dancing with the Stars – Is a Third Castmate in the Running?


  • Ariana Madix has nominated Scheana Shay and James Kennedy from Vanderpump Rules for Dancing With the Stars, sparking curiosity and discussions about the potential involvement of more castmates.
  • Scheana’s background in performance, James’ DJ skills, and Lala’s magnetic personality make them all compelling contenders for the mirrorball trophy.
  • Scheana’s resilience, James’ determination, and Lala’s unapologetic charisma could lead to captivating performances and unexpected triumphs on DWTS.

Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix has graced the Dancing With the Stars ballroom since season 10 and is nominating two co-stars to compete for the coveted mirrorball trophy. Ariana boldly nominated Scheana Shay and James Kennedy, two entertaining personalities who could own the dance floor. Rumors of Lala Kent joining the cast swirled during season 30, but she never competed. Followers of Vanderpump Rules contemplate which of these castmates might secure a coveted spot in Dancing with the Stars season 33. Ariana’s endorsements have ignited curiosity and anticipation, prompting discussions about the potential involvement of additional Vanderpump Rules stars in the glittering world of competitive dance.

Scheana, James, and Lala, all prominent figures in Vanderpump Rules, present compelling cases as potential contenders for Dancing with the Stars. Scheana boasts a background in performance, having showcased her talents in singing and theater, hinting at comfort with the spotlight and stage presence crucial for the dance competition. James, known for his DJ skills, brings an innate sense of rhythm and stage presence, which could translate seamlessly onto the dance floor. Meanwhile, Lala’s magnetic personality and confidence could translate into captivating performances, coupled with her experience in the entertainment industry. Each nominee possesses distinct qualities that could elevate their dance performances, making them formidable candidates to strut their stuff.

Nominee #1: Scheana Shay

Ariana touted Scheana as a top pick for the mirrorball trophy in a recent November 2023 interview. Beyond her stage presence, Scheana’s resilience and audience connection bolster her appeal. Disclosing on her “Shenanigans” podcast, according to Heavy, she revealed a 2018 incident that led to a temporary DWTS ban for carrying a weed pen. Mistakenly believing it was lifelong, Scheana later learned it was only 90 days. Despite this, she now cheers on Ariana from the audience. Her mix of authenticity, perseverance (and a lifted ban) could make her a standout on DWTS. Scheana’s sideline support for Ariana also amps excitement for her potential DWTS journey.

Nominee #2: James Kennedy

 James Kennedy at the Vanderpump Rules season 10 reunion pink background

With a nod from Ariana to his potential, James emerges as a compelling prospect for Dancing with the Stars. Known for his charisma and on-screen magnetism in Vanderpump Rules, James brings an infectious energy that could electrify the DWTS stage. His flair for entertainment, evident in his DJ prowess and dramatic persona, promises a captivating presence. Ariana’s endorsement amplifies the anticipation around James, hinting at a potential rollercoaster of performances. Behind the bravado, James’ determination and commitment could surprise audiences, unveiling an uncharted dance talent. If given the chance to shimmy for the mirrorball trophy, he could offer entertainment, unpredictability, and newfound depth in his public persona.

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Potential Third Nominee: Lala Kent

Lala Kent at the Vanderpump Rules season 10 reunion

Lala’s potential as a contender on Dancing with the Stars gleams brighter than her reality TV allure. Renowned for her magnetic presence on Vanderpump Rules, Lala’s magnetism lies in her unapologetic charisma and undeniable confidence. Beyond her glamorous facade, audiences could anticipate her spirited, raw energy to ignite the dance floor. Lala’s journey from vulnerability to strength also showcases on-screen hints at a narrative ready to unfold, and this could captivate audiences week after week. Her candid nature, paired with an unyielding determination, could also spark unexpected triumphs. Lala can bring fearless performances, envisaging a compelling blend of elegance and grit.

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