Valheim How to Get Black Cores (& What They’re For)

To assemble late-game structures like the Black Forge, Galdr Table, or Eitr Refinery in Valheim, players will need an arcane object of ancient power known as the Black Core. Procuring this mysterious core is not an easy task, as it can only be found within the perilous Mistlands biome. As its name implies, the Mistlands Biome is covered with a lingering mist thick enough to reduce visibility. Therefore, players are encouraged to have a Wisplight accompany them before venturing into this biome.

Once in the Mistlands players should be in search of Dungeons called Infested Mines, added in Valheim’s Mistlands Biome & Update. These mines feature some of the toughest enemies in the current game patch. Seekers, Seeker Soldiers, Seeker Broods, and Ticks lurk in the Dungeon’s slimy, mossy halls, lying in wait to pounce on unsuspecting adventurers. The Seeker Soldiers, in particular, possess over a thousand points in HP and can deal 100 points of damage in its basic form. Taking these monstrosities down will require equipment with high defense or choice positioning with ranged weaponry like the Staff of Embers.


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Black Cores Locations

According to YouTuber Jade PG, Infested Mines in Valheim are recognizable by their long stairwell entrances with a greenish, yellow ooze seeping from the entryway. Once inside, the halls might seem somewhat tranquil, but once players venture deeper into the Valheim Dungeon, they will be ambushed and assaulted by the hive of Seekers, the giant insectoids that patrol the mine’s chambers.

Because of the sheer number of insectoids that can attack simultaneously, we highly encourage you to have a shield or a means of crowd control, such as the Staggering Effect of the Himmin Afl Polearm’s Lightning.

Black Cores in the Infested Mines will typically spawn atop tall poles and shine with a purple glow in Valheim. These poles will spawn in the main corridors, but they can also appear in hidden chambers indicated by a stone door with bluish runes. Every mine in the Mistlands should have at least two Black Cores, with six being the average maximum number.


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Black Core Recipes

Exploring the Infested Mines to Find Black Cores in Valheim

Once players have collected several cores in Valheim, they can craft the following recipes below:




Black Forge

  • Black Marble ×10
  • Yggdrasil Wood ×10
  • Black Core ×5

Crafting & repairing Mistlands equipment

Galdr Table

  • Black Marble ×10
  • Yggdrasil Wood ×10
  • Black Core ×5

Crafting & managing Mistlands items relating to Magic

Eitr Refinery

  • Black Marble ×20
  • Black Metal ×5
  • Yggdrasil Wood ×10
  • Black Core ×5
  • Sap ×3

Processing Sap & Soft Tissue into Refined Eitr

Source: YouTube/Jade PG

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February 2, 2021

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