Today’s Wordle Answer & Hints For January 4, 2023 (Puzzle #929)

January 4th’s Wordle answer might require players to use hints after a few attempts, as the solution isn’t as straightforward.

January 4th’s Wordle answer is not the easiest to solve, even though it is often used in daily conversation. Since it has only one vowel, it can get quite difficult for players to solve the answer without using hints. While using random guesses might work for previous Wordles, today’s answer will require some strategy after a few attempts.

Using Wordle’s hard mode is recommended to solve today’s answer since you might run out of attempts quickly using the regular mode. The goal here is to prevent using random guesses, and the harder mode is ideal. Using this mode in combination with some relevant hints might help you solve today’s answer faster.


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Today’s Wordle Hints

January 4th #929

Wordle Hints with a Question Marks around a grid

If you are running out of attempts and can’t figure out the answer, it might be time to refer to the below hints. These hints do not spoil the answer but will point you in the right direction so that you can solve January 4th’s Wordle answer without cheating. However, if you are on your last attempt, you might want to refer to the actual answer below to keep your daily streak going.

Hint 1

There are no repeating letters.

Hint 2

The answer is used as a verb and an adjective.

Hint 3

The vowel is in the 3rd position.

Hint 4

Barely adequate.

Today’s Wordle Answer

January 4th #929


Wordle Answer October 3

The January 4th Wordle answer is SCANT.

To solve today’s Wordle answer, we used the words SCORE, SCARE, and SLANT, which luckily revealed the correct positions of all five letters. While you will need to rearrange the last three letters, you should be able to solve the puzzle thereafter. After rearranging all letters to their correct positions, you should be able to solve today’s Wordle answer with SCANT.

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