Today’s Wordle Answer & Hints For January 12, 2024 (Puzzle #937)

January 12th’s Wordle answer contains multiple vowels, which could cause some players to lose their daily streak unless they use some relevant hints.

January 12th’s Wordle answer is one of the most common words used in daily conversation and while giving directions. However, since the answer contains three vowels, it is bound to confuse some players. Answers with multiple vowels can be quite tricky if players stick to using their regular attempts. But finding their correct spots is the key to solving today’s answer, which could take a few attempts to figure out.

Since there are three vowels, using Wordle’s hard mode is your best bet for solving today’s answer. This mode will not allow you to reuse the confirmed positions of the vowels in different spots, forcing you to use words with similar spellings. This mode can still be quite challenging, so if you require some hints to keep your streak going, you can use some below.


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Today’s Wordle Hints

January 12th #937

January 12th 2024 Wordle Hints with a Route 66 sign in the background

Many players like to use hints on their last few attempts and don’t want to sacrifice their daily streak. These clues give more context about the answer and help players solve the puzzle without actually cheating. However, these hints only point you in the right direction, and you will still need to solve January 12th’s Wordle answer using them:

Hint 1

There are no repeating letters.

Hint 2

The answer is used as a verb and a noun.

Hint 3

The vowels are in the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th positions.

Hint 4

A particular way or direction between places.

Today’s Wordle Answer

January 12th #937

January 12th 2024 Wordle Answer with a Route 66 sign in the background

The January 12th Wordle answer is ROUTE.

When solving today’s Wordle answer, using words with at least two vowels is recommended. We followed this strategy and used SCORE, BOARD, and ROUSE. These words let us find out the correct positions of four letters. However, it got slightly difficult from here as there were many possible answers. Luckily, on our fifth attempt, we were able to solve today’s Wordle answer with ROUTE.

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