Today’s Wordle Answer & Hints For December 20, 2023 (Puzzle #914)

December 20th’s Wordle answer contains a repeating letter, which might cause many players to lose their streaks if they don’t use hints.

If you are trying to solve December 20th’s Wordle answer, you should know in advance that the answer contains a repeating letter, making it harder to guess the answer in less than six attempts. Since there aren’t specific hints for repeating letters in Wordle, there is a good chance that you might lose your daily streak before you discover their correct positions.

To circumvent this, you can use Wordle’s hard mode, which is the best way to solve answers with repeating letters. Since this mode locks the correct positions of letters, you will be forced to use those letters in the same spots in your consequent guesses. This will remove the risk of using random guesses, which usually causes most players to lose their daily streak.


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Today’s Wordle Hints

December 20th #914

December 20th 2023 Wordle Hints with a small toy car in the background

If you have difficulty solving today’s Wordle answer, you might want to use a few hints to solve the answer. These hints will point you in the right direction without actually spoiling the answer. This will allow you to solve December 20th’s Wordle answer, similar to how it works for other games, such as crossword puzzles.

Hint 1

There is one repeating letter.

Hint 2

The answer is used as a noun, adjective, and adverb.

Hint 3

The vowel is in the 3rd position.

Hint 4

A size that is less than normal or usual.

Today’s Wordle Answer

December 20th #914

December 20th 2023 Wordle Answer with a small toy car in the background

The December 20th Wordle answer is SMALL.

Solving today’s Wordle answer will require you to use words that may contain repeating letters but aren’t necessary. We used the words SPARE, SLOPE, AND SMART; this revealed the correct positions of a few letters. Then, we used SMALT, which let us discover the correct spot for the fourth letter. Thankfully, our next guess was SMALL, which allowed us to solve today’s Wordle answer on our fifth attempt.

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