The Vow Ending Explained


  • Leo’s decision to divorce Paige was motivated by his love for her and his desire for her happiness.
  • Paige forgave her father for his affair because family was incredibly important to her and she didn’t want to leave them.
  • Paige decided to start dating Leo again because she rediscovered her love for him through their vows and had rediscovered herself after her accident.

Paige (Rachel McAdams) and Leo (Channing Tatum) had both moved on after she lost her memory in a car accident, but by the ending of The Vow, they decided to start dating all over again. The Vow is inspired by a true story and a real couple, though the romantic drama took some creative liberties with its plot and made changes to real life. Those changes helped make a more compelling story with a stronger ending, which made The Vow a contender for the list of the best romance movies on Netflix and one of Channing Tatum’s best romance movies.

The Vow saw Leo trying to help Paige regain her memory and fall in love with him again, though there were more than a few problems keeping him from doing so. Paige hadn’t spoken to her father, Bill (Sam Neill) or mother, Rita (Jessica Lange) in years by the time of her accident. They, along with Paige’s ex-fiance Jeremy (Scott Speedman), wanted Paige to come back to them, and actively worked against Leo. Paige may not have regained her memory, but Leo earned another shot at loving her by the end of The Vow.


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Leo’s Decision To Divorce Paige Explained

He Let Paige Love Him On Her Own Terms

Leo loved Paige deeply throughout the entire movie, even though Paige had forgotten their relationship. He tried everything he could think of to help her regain her memory, like showing her parts of her old life he thought would help her remember and taking her on their first date again to help her fall in love again. None of it worked, though, and both Leo and Paige were getting frustrated, with Paige expressing that she was tired of disappointing him. Leo was also having financial problems due to Paige’s memory loss, which took a toll on him.

Leo saw the emotional toll he was taking on Paige, and decided to leave.. After the accident, Leo saw how happy they made her and how much they meant to her, and he didn’t want to take that away from her. Leo divorced Paige because he was truly in love with her, and he wanted her to be happy, and because he knew his efforts wouldn’t make her fall in love with him again. He could have gotten Paige to leave her family and stay with him, but he wanted their love to be as real as it once was.

Why Paige Forgave Her Father For His Affair

Family Was Incredibly Important To Paige After The Accident

Paige (Rachel McAdams) hugging her father, Bill (Sam Neill), in The Vow

It was revealed towards the end of The Vow that the reason Paige had cut off her family was because her father, Bill, had cheated on her mother, Rita, with one of Paige’s friends. Paige questioned Rita about how she could stay with her husband after that, and Rita explained that she was able to forgive Bill because the family they built together meant everything to her, and she wouldn’t leave them all. Paige had grown to love her family as much as her mother did, and Paige followed Rita’s example and forgave Bill so she wouldn’t have to leave her family again.

The Vow is available to stream on Netflix.

Why Paige Decided To Start Dating Leo Again

She Decided To Take Another Chance On Love

Paige (Rachel McAdams) and Leo (Channing Tatum) at the end of The Vow

Paige’s decision to date Leo again had a lot to do with the movie’s namesake: their vows. Paige read the vows she had written after finding the menu in an old box, and it helped her realize just how special the love she shared with Leo was. They promised to love each other no matter what in their vows, and they gave Paige the motivation to try again. As her vows said, she had promised to always live in Leo’s heart, and she decided to make good on that promise.

When Paige approached Leo at the end of the movie, she mentioned that she had been living in the city for six months. Another reason she was ready to date him was because she had finally found out who she was after the accident, and Paige grew into a person who was ready to love Leo again after her accident. The Vow showed that she had dropped out of law school and started making art again, which indicated that while she had changed, she was more like the person she was at the beginning of the movie again.

What The Vow’s Ending Really Means

The Vow Proves That Love Is A Conscious Decision

Kim & Krickitt Carpenter in real life, and Channing Tatum as Leo and Rachel McAdams as Paige in The Vow.

The Vow is an incredibly unique love story, and the themes it touches on are similarly unique. It touches on lessons of love enduring any tragedy and how two people can choose each other no matter what. One of The Vow‘s major themes is that to truly love someone is to love every version of them, not just the person they might become or once were. Leo eventually gave Paige space to be whoever she wanted to be, and he loved her through everything. Once they had enough time apart, they were able to choose to be with each other all over again.

While The Vow does have lessons on how to love someone else, it also has valuable wisdom in the realm of self-love. Paige needed to find herself and redefine her new life after her memory loss before she could love again. The Vow‘s other central theme is that to love and be loved, a person has to love themselves first, and no one can accomplish that without knowing who they are while alone. Leo tried to make Paige love him, but the only thing that could rekindle their relationship was Paige finding a reason to love him for herself.

Leo and Paige had a rocky road to loving each other again, but that only made their second first date even sweeter. Very few people get to redo such a crucial part of their life as falling in love, but they made the most of their chance. They showed that love can persevere even through great tragedy, and that there can be a second chance as long as two people love each other. While The Vow may have made changes to its real-life inspiration, it still holds powerful messages that anybody can learn from.