The US Government Reveals Its Anti-Justice League Contingency Plan (& Answers a Major Question About the Future)

Warning: Spoilers for Wonder Woman #3!


  • The U.S. government’s plan to take down the Justice League backfires, revealing their lack of understanding in dealing with super-powered beings like Wonder Woman.
  • The embarrassing defeat may pave the way for Amanda Waller, an anti-Justice League expert, to rise to power and provide the government with better strategies for dealing with the superheroes.
  • This failure highlights the larger scope of the current Dawn of DC storyline and sets the stage for a potentially grim future in the DC Universe.

DC has revealed that the United States Government has its own contingency plan for the Justice League, and that plan may be setting the stage for a grim future in the DC Universe. By deploying massive military forces against Wonder Woman — and claiming that they’re meant for Superman and the Justice League, one military goon has completely tipped the government’s hand.

The U.S. government has its own plans revealed by Sargent Steel in Wonder Woman #3 by Tom King, Daniel Sampere, Tomeo Morey, and Clayton Cowles. Steel tells Wonder Woman that he deployed anti-Superman military forces against her — forces that he believes are enough to take down the entire Justice League.

Unfortunately, the plan is quickly unveiled to be a misguided one and ends up backfiring on Steel and the military just as fast as they decide to put it into action. Even worse, the failings of the government in trying to apprehend just one member of the Justice League may end up setting the stage for a different authority figure to come into power: Amanda Waller.


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The Government’s Failed Anti-Justice League Plan

Wonder Woman has an invisible jet

To discuss the Billings massacre that left 18 people dead, seemingly perpetrated by her Amazonian sister, Wonder Woman walks into Southhide Defense Industries hoping to force a meeting with Sergeant Steel. Not for lack of trying, Steel’s men try their best to prevent her entry, but they’re no match for her. She makes her way to his office hoping to reason with him, only to be told that he called every agency in Washington for backup. Steel claims this is the same strike force that is intended for taking down Superman, and they have “enough firepower to easily bring the Justice League to justice.” Understandably, the army surrenders when Diana responds with her invisible jet.

It would be an understatement to say that this is an embarrassing defeat for DC’s version of the U.S. Government. It’s not just embarrassing how fast they are disposed of, but embarrassing to think that their response to super-powered beings who regularly decimate intergalactic threats is simple man-made firepower. This contingency plan would never work against a single Justice League member, let alone Wonder Woman, who is often considered the most difficult member to defeat. However, this failure could be intentional in the larger scope of the current Dawn of DC storyline.

What This Failure Means for the Future of the DC Universe

Wonder Woman fights a guard in comic book panels.

Seeing how badly the government has floundered and how the military forces have no conceptual understanding of how to deal with super-powered beings, this scenario — spurred on by Steel — could be exactly what puts an actual anti-Justice League expert like Amanda Waller into power. After all, readers know, based on the solicitations for upcoming issues, that Waller will rise to power during Beast World. As the true person in power, Amanda Waller will give the government something they clearly don’t have: intel and clarity on how to deal with the Justice League as an enemy.

Wonder Woman #3 is available now from DC Comics.

WONDER WOMAN #3 (2023)

The cover to Wonder Woman 3. Wonder Woman hold her lasso in front of a target with bullet holes.

  • Writer: Tom King
  • Artist: Daniel Sampere
  • Colorist: Tomeu Morey
  • Letterer: Clayton Cowles
  • Cover Artist: Daniel Sampere, Tomeu Morey