The Traitors UK Season 2: Paul Gorton’s Game Show Past Exposed As He Attempts To Win Even More Money


  • Paul Gorton, a contestant on The Traitors UK season 2, has previous experience on game shows like Deal Or No Deal.
  • Despite his comedic flair and humorous one-liners, Paul is playing The Traitors UK seriously and strategically.
  • Paul’s time on The Traitors UK is a significant step in his reality TV career, showing his growth since his appearance on Deal Or No Deal.

The Traitors UK season 2 contestant Paul Gorton may be doing his best on the devious series, but a recently resurfaced video of a past game show appearance proves this isn’t the first time he’s been on a competitive show. The Traitors UK season 2’s first three episodes aired on BBC 1 this week, pushing Paul’s presence to the forefront when he was chosen as a traitor by host Claudia Winkleman. Paul, who was hoping to play the game deceptively, was thrilled at the chance to be a traitor and have to strategize against his fellow castmates. While the task would be difficult, Paul knew he was up for the challenge.

In an article from the Daily Mail, it was revealed that Paul “is a game show veteran having once appeared on Deal Or No Deal.” The article revealed that “Paul was just 22 at the time of filming, unemployed, and was living at his mum’s house in Warrington with his girlfriend.” While Paul’s appearance on Deal Or No Deal didn’t make him the sort of money he was hoping for, it was great experience for the future Traitor. “He hoped the show would land him a modelling deal,” Daily Mail shared, “as well as potentially a £250,000 cash boost.”


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Paul Gorton’s Comedy Will Be His Secret Weapon On The Traitors UK

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While Paul’s time on The Traitors UK is just getting started, it’s not a surprise to find out he has roots in comedy after seeing the first several episodes of the series. Paul’s time as a traitor has been nothing short of hilarious. While he’s taking his traitor status incredibly seriously and playing the game strategically, Paul has been quipping in the interview segments shown of him and sharing hilarious one-liners for the audience. His behavior on The Traitors UK season 2 proves that he has comedic chops, which may have been partially honed by his stint on Deal Or No Deal.

Although Paul is playing The Traitors UK as one of the devious, manipulative traitors whose goal is to keep their identities under wraps as their fellow competitors get murdered and banished, he’s doing a great job selling himself as faithful in the game. It’s clear that Paul, who is treating The Traitors UK season 2 the way it’s meant to be treated, is playing the game and finding himself enjoying every moment he has in the castle. While he may not be making lasting friendships due to the fact that he’s betraying his castmates, Paul could end the game with up to 120,000 pounds.

Although Paul’s time on Deal Or No Deal isn’t quite the same as the time he’s spending on The Traitors UK season 2, things have changed tremendously in his life in the interim. Between the two appearances, Paul’s lived over a decade of his life and has gone from a fresh-eyed young man to an accomplished adult. With his time on The Traitors UK expanding on his reality TV career, Paul seems to have taken things to the next level.

Source: Daily Mail