The Spider-Verse’s Spider-Man Actor Reveals His One Condition For Returning In A Live-Action Movie


  • Jake Johnson, the actor who plays Peter B. Parker in the Spider-Verse franchise, would only consider playing the character in live-action if requested by the writers and producers, Phil Lord and Chris Miller.
  • He emphasizes the importance of caring about a project and working with people who are passionate, rather than just doing it for money.
  • Johnson expresses his attachment to the character of Peter B. Parker and his desire to continue honoring and playing the role in the Spider-Verse.

The Spider-Verse franchise is one of Sony’s most successful Spider-Man properties, but one of its main actors has revealed that he would only make the jump from animation to live-action on one condition. Given that the Multiverse is now the superhero genre’s most pervasive theme, including within the MCU, the possibility of moving a character from animation to live-action is more feasible than ever. Whether or not the actors involved want to reprise their roles in the flesh, however, is another story.

The actor for the Sony Pictures Animation character Peter B. Parker, Jake Johnson, revealed in an interview with that he would only play Peter B. Parker in live-action if Spider-Verse Writers and Producers, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, requested it. The full quote can be read below:

“If Phil Lord or Chris texted and said, ‘We think this is really cool and we would like you to be part of it,’ then I’m in. If it’s Sony that says they have got a really fun idea and it’s a new director who’s at a great studio rate, I feel less excited about that. I think that a lot of this stuff is … There’s an element that’s just money to make money, and projects just to make money. And then there’s a few people who really care, and those people who really care, if it’s them, I’m on board for anything,”

“If Phil says, ‘Hey, man, you’re not going to like this, but we’re going to put you in tights in front of a green screen,’ but it’s him and it’s Chris, I’m like, ‘The project’s going to be so thoughtful and good and mean so much to so many people, and if you think I could help that, f-ck yes, I’m in.’ But in terms of me individually having a desire, I don’t. I love Peter B. Parker as … I will say this: I would be so sad if I got a call that Peter B. Parker is not returning to the Spider-Verse, because I feel really attached to that character. And Phil and I will go out, or we’ll text a lot, and I’m always pitching on Peter B., and I’m trying to fight to honor him. I want to make sure … He’s funny, but he’s our Spider-Man. He means something and we always go back, and he means a lot to me as a character. I love playing him. So anything outside of that, I don’t give it much thought.”


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