“The One Thing Holding Me Back”: Titans’ Raven Admits the 1 Reason She Hasn’t Become a Killer


  • Beast World reveals that Raven’s love for Beast Boy is the only thing stopping her from becoming a killer.
  • Raven’s moral integrity and status as a hero are at risk as her desire for revenge grows stronger.
  • Raven’s emotions and deep connection to Beast Boy make her vulnerable to potentially crossing the line and resorting to killing.

Warning: Potential Spoilers for TITANS: BEAST WORLD #5!Beast World has unraveled a multitude of revelations concerning the Titans, including exposing the fact that Raven would readily embrace killing if not for a single restraining factor. As the events of DC’s latest crisis continue to unfold, it becomes increasingly apparent that this singular reason, which has thus far prevented her from taking that final step and becoming a killer, may soon be insufficient in holding her back.

Tom Taylor, Ivan Reis, and Eduardo Pansica’s Titans: Beast World #5 seamlessly continues from where issue four concluded – with Amanda Waller killing Beast Boy. Raven, en route to rescue her beloved Gar, tragically witnesses his death, and in issue five, she grapples with the emotional turmoil of losing the love of her life.

As part of Raven’s grieving process, she admits that she wants to and has the ability to avenge Gar’s death by killing those responsible. However, there is one thing that is preventing her from doing so.


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Beast Boy Is The Only Thing Preventing Raven From Becoming a Killer

Titans Beast World #5 Raven mourning Beast Boy and talking to Donna Troy about how she wants to kill the people who took Gar away from her part 2

In a poignant conversation with Wonder Girl Donna Troy, Raven lays bare her dark desire and the capability to seek revenge for the death of Beast Boy. Despite an overwhelming urge to end Waller and those responsible for taking her “heart” away, Raven acknowledges a crucial truth – Garfield wouldn’t want her to succumb to the path of becoming a killer. It is her unwavering love for Beast Boy that stands as the sole barrier preventing Raven from seeking vengeance and embracing a path that would compromise her moral integrity and status as a hero.

The strength of Raven’s love for Beast Boy and upholding his wishes is truly put to the test towards the end of the issue when Raven confronts Waller for her hand in Garfield’s death. Raven openly acknowledges to Waller that it would be effortless to end her life. However, she also admits, “But Gar wouldn’t want that. The compassion of a man you killed is the only thing holding me back.” This powerful declaration highlights that her aversion to killing is intricately tied to the enduring love she holds for Beast Boy.


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Raven’s Morality Is Controlled by Her Feelings For Beast Boy

Titans Beast World #5 Raven throwing Amanda Waller around because Waller killed Beast Boy

Raven’s reasoning for not killing serves as a powerful testament to her profound love for Garfield, showcasing that even in his absence, she prioritizes his desires above her own and shapes her decisions based on what would best honor his memory. Secondly, this dynamic also underscores the fragility of Raven’s morality, entwined as it is with another individual. The intricate connection between her moral compass and emotions suggests a potential vulnerability, raising the likelihood that Raven might succumb to the depths of emotional trauma and resort to killing if pushed too far emotionally.

Titans: Beast World #5 is available now from DC Comics!


TITANS BEAST WORLD #5 cover featuring Doctor Hate

  • Writer: Tom Taylor
  • Artist: Ivan Reis, Eduardo Pansica, Danny Miki, and Júlio Ferreira
  • Colorist: Brad Anderson
  • Letterer: Wes Abbott
  • Cover Artist: Ivan Reis, Danny Miki, and Brad Anderson