The Longer You Think About Cinderella’s Glass Shoe, The More Ridiculous It Gets


  • Cinderella’s glass slipper falling off doesn’t make sense since it was magically created to fit her foot perfectly.
  • It is highly improbable that Cinderella is the only woman in the kingdom with that exact shoe size.
  • The glass slippers remaining enchanted after midnight is explained by the fact that they are made of pure magic.

Cinderella is one of the most beloved classic fairy tales of all time, but there are a number of things regarding the glass slipper that simply don’t make sense. Cinderella has become an iconic Disney protagonist, earning a place as one of the most well-known and beloved Disney princesses. Given her extreme popularity, the character’s story has had countless remakes and sequels that allow for new generations to be introduced to her endearing story and classic charm. The original marketing for Cinderella was even directed at audiences of all ages, further proof that her story transcends both age and time.

Her impact and recognition are undeniable, but so is the fact that a key part of her story doesn’t add up. Because it is a children’s fairy tale, it is not surprising that certain creative liberties were taken to move the story along. Cinderella, however, has a major plot hole that only gets more confusing when longer consideration is given to the concept. The glass slipper is a major part of every adaptation of the story and serves as the key to Cinderella becoming the princess so many know and love, so it becomes fascinating to think about how so many issues with it were able to remain.

One of the biggest plot holes when it comes to Cinderella’s glass slipper is how it could have fallen off her foot. Fairy Godmother created them especially for her, meaning that they were designed to fit her feet exactly. Therefore, it makes little sense that one of the glass slippers was able to fall off when she was running away from the ball to get home on time.

One possible explanation is that the Fairy Godmother wanted the slipper to come off. Glass is, by nature, unable to stretch and has very little friction, making it susceptible to slipping regardless of proper sizing. Created slippers out of this material ensured that the shoe fell off, and the prince had an opportunity to search for Cinderella, leading to the two’s happily ever after. However, while it may be possible to come up with theories that explain Cinderella’s slipper coming off, there are other aspects of the story that don’t make any sense either.

How Is Cinderella The Only Woman In The Kingdom With That Shoe Size?

The definitive version of Cinderella, 1950, where she looks at her glittering white dress by a fountain

Regardless of whether the slipper was intended to fall off Cinderella’s foot, it is still confusing as to how the slipper would be able to reconnect her and her prince. It seems highly improbable that Cinderella is the only woman in the kingdom with that exact shoe size. And, even if by some miracle this is the case, it is unclear how the prince would possibly have known that. Given the prince’s plan was to go around the kingdom to find the woman who fits in the glass slipper, he could have ended up with dozens of women and been left with no conclusion at the end.

Why Was The Shoe Still Enchanted After Midnight?

Everything that Cinderella donned at the ball was made by the Fairy Godmother, and it all disappeared at midnight. The dress goes back to rags, the coach goes back to a pumpkin, and all of the people are turned back into the animals they originally were. The one thing that did not change back to its original state, though, was the glass slippers. This has led to yet another point of confusion when it comes to these enchanted slippers: why did they remain after midnight?

The 2015 live-action Disney remake of the film made a point to address this for viewers. Fairy Godmother notices Cinderella’s shoes when she is getting ready for the ball and insists that she take them off. She then magically creates the glass slippers onto Cinderella’s feet. So, while everything else reverts to its original form at the stroke of midnight, the glass slippers remain unchanged because they are made of pure magic. This scene allowed for the biggest plot hole in nearly all other adaptations of Cinderella to be filled and gave a simple, yet satisfying, explanation to the age-old question.

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