The Fate of Prometheus’ First Xenomorph Was Too Gruesome For The Movie


  • The Deacon, also known as the Proto-Xenomorph, made its debut in the movie Prometheus and was surgically removed from its host, growing into a mountain-like creature.
  • The Prometheus ship was located inside this mountain, leading the human survivors to believe it was buried inside, when it was actually consumed by the Deacon.
  • The fate of the Deacon as a motionless mountain is tragic and underwhelming, as it will likely never be explored again in the Alien canon.

The Xenomorph is the iconic monster of the Alien franchise, but chronologically speaking, it wasn’t the first, as Prometheus introduced a creature incredibly reminiscent of the classic Xenomorph before promptly forgetting about it. But Prometheus actually did quietly explain what happened to its first ‘Xenomorph’, known widely as the Deacon.

The Deacon, also known as the ‘Proto-Xenomorph’, made its debut in the 2012 film, Prometheus, and its origin is more than a little complicated. Earlier in the movie, the psychopathic synthetic, David, infected one member of the crew with the mysterious Black Goo that was discovered on the alien world LV-223. Prometheus‘ Black Goo is a mutagen designed to wipe out life on a planetary scale while simultaneously planting the seeds for new life to form… aided by David. The result was a Xenomorph surgically removed from its host, squid-like in nature, and quickly growing to the size of an entire medical bay. By the end of the movie, this grotesque creature infected an Engineer to send the Deacon bursting forth from its chest just as a Xenomorph would. But it was never to be seen again. At least, not until the comic book sequel.

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Prometheus’ Forgotten Sequel Reveals Deacon Became a Mountain

In Prometheus: Fire and Stone – Omega by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Agustin Alessio, a team of space explorers are trapped on the moon LV-223 after their mission to find out what happened to the missing crew of the Prometheus went horribly wrong. After a shocking run-in with a horde of Xenomorphs and a clan of Predators (not to mention a lone Engineer murdering life forms on-sight), half the crew left the second they got the opportunity, leaving the other members behind to die on LV-223. However, the remaining survivors did have one glimmer of hope: the Prometheus. The ship itself was still on the moon, and the explorers soon learned that it was located inside a mountain. Though upon some minor excavation, the humans (plus one Predator and one Black Goo-mutated synthetic) realized that this mountain wasn’t a mountain at all… it was alive.

After the Deacon was born, it started to grow exponentially as the Black Goo mutagen in its system went haywire, and just kept creating and mutating mass on top of itself until Prometheus’ very first ‘Xenomorph’ essentially became a motionless mountain. All this happened around the Prometheus ship (since the Deacon was born inside it), which is why the human survivors believed the vessel to be buried inside the ‘mountain’ when really it was just consumed by the formless mass that became of the Deacon.

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This fate for the first chronological ‘Xenomorph’ in the Alien universe is equal parts horrifically tragic and vastly underwhelming. When Prometheus ended with a shot of the freshly-born Deacon screaming, it was seemingly leaving an open-ended cliffhanger for the creature’s eventual return. Perhaps as the first of a new type of Xenomorph species with a fresh design and differing characteristics.

Instead, it just quietly grew into a mountain, undoubtedly confused and terrified if it was even capable of those emotions in the first place, and will likely never be explored again in Alien canon–a dark fate for Prometheus’ first ‘Xenomorph’.

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