The DCEU’s Worst Reviewed Movie Ranks In Top 5 On Netflix 7 Years After Release


  • Despite being the worst-reviewed DCEU movie, Suicide Squad is now the fifth-most watched movie on Netflix.
  • Black Adam, despite being a box office flop, is the second-most watched DCEU movie on Netflix.
  • Suicide Squad’s success led to James Gunn joining the franchise and creating the well-received reboot, The Suicide Squad.

7 years since its release, the worst-reviewed movie in the DCEU has just ranked in the top 5 most watched shows on Netflix. Netflix recently saw a chunk of the DCEU timeline added to its platform, with a few notable exceptions, which suggests that it will be the new home for DC’s first attempt at a cinematic franchise before the DCU carries that torch. While the franchise is now coming to an end with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, its legacy lives on in Netflix – with one move in particular being watched surprisingly more than others.

According to Netflix’s rankings, 2016’s Suicide Squad is the fifth-most watched movie on Netflix, which is higher than any other DCEU movie currently on the platform. Black Adam is the next-highest DCEU movie on the list, which currently sits at number 8. While Black Adam was a box office flop upon its cinematic release, a high viewership now that it has appeared on Netflix could be ascribed to audiences catching up on the movie they missed. The same, however, cannot be said for Suicide Squad, which actually did very well for the studio, despite being one of the worst-rated DCEU movies.


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How 2016’s Suicide Squad Was Still A Success Despite Poor Reviews

Task Force X heads into battle in Suicide Squad looking mean

When it released in 2016, Suicide Squad grossed DC over $745 million worldwide, making it the fourth-highest-grossing DCEU movie behind Wonder Woman, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Aquaman. This is probably thanks to the off-piste nature of the movie’s premise, the star power of Will Smith and Margo Robbie (who gave an iconic performance of Harley Quinn), and the fact that it promised to deliver a more lighthearted take on a DC property than previous DCEU installments. It also had the benefit of being a team-up movie, which seemed to work exceptionally well at pulling in audiences for the MCU until this point.

One positive outcome of the movie’s success was the fact that it led to James Gunn being pulled into the franchise. Following the success of the movie, Gunn worked on a reboot and created the far more well-received The Suicide Squad – although, ironically, this grossed far less than its predecessor. Regardless, with so many DCEU movies mired in poor reviews, the critical success of Gunn’s take has given way to the new DCU reboot, which promises to breathe fresh life into the franchise while the old DCEU offerings to now enjoy successful runs on streaming platforms instead.

Source: Netflix

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