The Boys Trailer Hints 1 Main Character From Butcher’s Team Will Die In Season 4


  • Frenchie’s absence in The Boys season 4 trailer raises concerns about his fate, suggesting a potential death for the character.
  • Butcher’s recruitment of a new ally may hint at a replacement for Frenchie, increasing the stakes of the show and offering a suitable alternative.
  • Frenchie’s potential death would deeply impact Kimiko and the entire group, potentially leading to a change in dynamics and a united front against their enemies.

With The Boys dropping a teaser trailer for season 4, there is already so much to get excited about; however, it did hint at a potential demise for one member of Butcher’s group. After the success of Gen V, The Boys universe is already creating hype once again after the recent teaser. The Boys season 4 trailer offers a glance at some of the upcoming season’s plot lines, with season 4 looking to be as violent and dangerous as ever. While the focus of the teaser was mainly around the trial of Homelander and the political divide between him and Starlight, the seemingly more minor details may have revealed a lot.

The next season appears to be loosening the restrictions on its supes, with Homelander having huge public support despite openly murdering someone in season 3’s finale. The Boys season 4 trailer shows Homelander screaming and blood-covered, indicating that he may become even more unhinged and unpredictable. Between him, his son Ryan, and the seemingly new supes aligned with Homelander, Butcher and his crew seem to be in more trouble than ever. Butcher appeared frequently throughout the trailer and will likely play a pivotal role as he has in previous seasons, but one character’s notable absence could be troubling news for their future.

Frenchie Is Suspiciously Absent In The Boys Season 4’s Trailer

Frenchie’s lack of screen time in The Boys season 4 trailer is worrying for the character’s fate. Despite all the gruesome and gory deaths in The Boys, none of the original crew have been killed off. Butcher, Frenchie, MM, Hughie, and Kimiko have been members of the group since season 1, with Starlight becoming an ally to them later in the series. While the show has yet to kill any of these characters, the more sinister tone of season 4 could see Frenchie meet his demise. The series’ composer, Christopher Lennertz suggested The Boys season 4 has a rising number of shock moments, and Frenchie’s death could be one of them.

While other members of the group featured prominently, Frenchie only had one brief shot in the trailer in a similar-looking location to Kimiko. In a scene where Butcher and MM are together, Frenchie is nowhere to be seen, which could be a sign that he might not make it far into season 4. Although the trailer is only brief, the rest of the main characters seem to have some kind of significant moment, whereas Frenchie is barely involved. It is possible he just has a reduced role, or a significant storyline the show is keeping hidden, but Frenchie’s minimal input in the teaser does raise questions about his future.

The Boys season 4 will be released on Amazon Prime Video in 2024.

Butcher Recruits Another Ally In The Boys Season 4

Billy Butcher looks to have recruited a new ally in The Boys season 4, which may be more bad news for Frenchie. It wouldn’t be the first time Butcher has called for external help, yet this ally hasn’t been mentioned or referenced before. Butcher’s reason for finding this new friend could be a result of losing one of his best members. Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s addition to the cast could be a potential replacement for Frenchie, especially as it would give the team a whole new dynamic. While little is known about who Jeffrey Dean Morgan is playing in The Boys, his character seems to be on the same page as Butcher.

Frenchie’s death would be heartbreaking, but adding Morgan to soften the blow could be The Boys‘ play. It would up the stakes of the show, highlighting that fan favorites and long-serving characters can be killed off, while simultaneously offering a suitable alternative. Morgan has plenty of charisma and already looks a great fit alongside Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher. Adding Morgan’s character to Butcher’s group would give the team fresh ideas, while also creating new relationships between the crew. Butcher and Morgan’s character trading verbal jabs or grilling Hughie could be hilarious, but to get this, it might mean losing one of the show’s most wholesome characters.

What Frenchie’s Potential Death Could Mean For Kimiko And The Boys

Kimiko and Frenchie in The Boys season 3

Among all the gory and violent stories in The Boys, Frenchie and Kimiko have managed to form a complicated yet charming relationship. If Frenchie were to die, it would undoubtedly rock Kimiko and the entire group. Although their relationship isn’t strictly romantic, Kimiko and Frenchie appear to love each other in The Boys, meaning Frenchie’s death would affect Kimiko more than anyone. If his death was a result of Butcher’s plan, it seems likely the entire group would turn on him. Butcher has lost the group’s trust many times before and losing someone because of his thoughtless plans could end the group entirely.

At times, it seems like Butcher doesn’t care about the team, but Frenchie’s death would hit Butcher extremely hard, especially if it was his fault. If Frenchie instead died by sacrificing himself, it could unite The Boys more, making them come together to take down whoever caused it. Kimiko opposed Butcher’s methods in the past, but losing Frenchie may bring the two closer. Kimiko’s powers in The Boys are incredibly strong, and she could use them to avenge Frenchie, essentially becoming Butcher and the group’s hired killer. While the rest of the group would be shaken by Frenchie’s sacrifice, they would likely want to finish their mission to honor him.