Terminal List Prequel Moves Forward At Prime Video, Chris Pratt To Co-Star


  • Prime Video has officially ordered The Terminal List: Dark Wolf as a prequel series to the flagship show. Chris Pratt and Taylor Kitsch will star in the new series.
  • The Terminal List: Dark Wolf will focus on the original show’s antagonist, Ben Edwards, and explore his journey towards villainy.
  • Despite some deviations from the source material, the changes made to Edwards in the original series were successful, making him a fan favorite and warranting further exploration of his story in the prequel.

The Terminal List prequel series, The Terminal List: Dark Wolf, is officially moving forward at Prime Video with Chris Pratt and Taylor Kitsch signed on to appear. The flagship show first premiered on Prime Video in July 2022 and follows U.S. Navy SEAL James Reece (Pratt), who sets out on a journey for truth and vengeance after a mission goes suspiciously wrong and endangers his family. Despite receiving mixed reviews from critics, The Terminal List was renewed for season 2, and reports arose that a prequel series was also in development.

As reported by TVLine, Prime Video announced that it has officially ordered The Terminal List: Dark Wolf to series. Both Pratt and Kitsch have signed on to appear in the new series as Reece and Ben Edwards, respectively. However, it is unclear how many years before The Terminal List the prequel series will be set and when it might arrive on Prime.

Everything We Know About The Terminal List: Dark Wolf So Far

When the discussions of The Terminal List: Dark Wolf first arose, there was speculation that Prime Video was interested in turning the original show into a franchise. There is undoubtedly enough source material for multiple Terminal List seasons and spinoffs, given that it is based on the book series of the same name by Jack Carr, which includes six books, with a seventh arriving in May. However, it has been confirmed that the series’ protagonist, Reece, won’t be the lead star of the prequel.

Instead, The Terminal List: Dark Wolf will focus on the original show’s antagonist, Edwards. Edwards starts the series as a former Navy SEAL and Reece’s best friend. In The Terminal List season 1’s final twist, though, Reece learns that Edwards was involved in the scheme that caused the deaths of his platoon during the ill-fated mission, as well as the death of his family. The show followed the book in making Edwards a villain, but it deviated from the source material by making him repent for his actions.

While departures from source material can be controversial, The Terminal List’s changes to Edwards proved successful, making him a fan favorite and ensuring there was more to his story. Hence, in the prequel, viewers will learn more about what led Edwards to villainy. Given that he was once Reece’s best friend, it makes sense that Pratt will co-star. No further casting announcements have been made. While some details are still unknown, The Terminal List prequel’s outlook is good with an official greenlight, Kitsch and Pratt onboard, and a compelling story in Edwards.

Source: TVLine

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