Teen Mom: Updates on Jenelle Evans Drama with Son Jace (She’s Taking Parenting Classes)


  • Jenelle taking parenting classes shows a commitment to her children’s well-being and could help her create a stable environment.
  • Despite previous attempts, it remains unclear if this fifth stint in parenting classes will transform Jenelle’s reputation as a mother.
  • Jenelle’s upcoming tell-all podcast presents a strategic opportunity to repair her public image and address rumors about her family.

Ex-Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans has been the subject of ongoing legal drama, and to better herself as a parent, she’s now taking parenting classes. Most recently, a Child Protective Services (CPS) child neglect investigation stemmed from allegations that her oldest son, Jace, ran away three times after allegedly enduring physical assaults at the hands of Jenelle’s husband, David Eason. Jenelle has two younger children, Kaiser and Ensley, who reside in her home, and some wonder what type of impact these parenting classes could have on Jenelle’s personality and childcare skills. But she’s not re-gaining custody of Jace anytime soon.

Jenelle’s conclusion to take parenting classes seems like a step in the right direction since a judge approved a gag order in Jace’s case because Jenelle expressed support for David, who faces child abuse charges against Jace. The reality star paints a picture of a happy life on her social media as she constantly posts Kaiser and Ensley in good spirits, with or without David’s presence. The road to reclaiming custody of Jace might be challenging. However, lessons learned in parenting classes could equip Jenelle with the tools to create a stable environment, demonstrating her commitment to each child’s well-being.

Jenelle Lost Custody of Jace

In March 2023, Jenelle gained guardianship of Jace – which proved short-lived. Jace’s unsettling pattern of running away unfolded with three incidents in 2023 alone, the final from Grandma Barbara Evan’s custodial home, prompting authorities to intervene. The latest escape led to Jace’s removal from Jenelle, David, and Barbara’s custody, followed by a mandatory mental health evaluation at a hospital. Jace has resided with a foster family, and Jenelle started visiting him in December 2023. Jenelle won’t regain custody, and David remains prohibited from contact with Jace, The Sun reports.

Parenting Classes Could Benefit Jenelle

Jenelle disclosed her commitment to parenting classes after losing custody of her oldest. In Jenelle’s Instagram Stories post on January 22, she shared a snapshot of her virtual attendance, advocating for normalizing parenting classes, InTouch reported. These classes mark Jenelle’s fifth stint in such programs, signaling a considerable effort to enhance her parenting skills. The revelation raises questions about the effectiveness of previous attempts and whether the fifth time will prove transformative for Jenelle and her reputation as a mother. As she navigates this chapter, some speculate if this latest endeavor will bring a positive turn to her parental responsibilities.


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Jenelle Has the Opportunity to Repair Her Reputation

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans smiles slightly while wearing headphones and holding microphone

Jenelle announced a highly-anticipated tell-all podcast, The Time of The Day, coming soon. With her husband (and self) entangled in legal issues, some wonder how candid she’ll be about her explosive life without getting in trouble. This move, complemented by Jenelle’s dedication to parenting classes, seems like a strategic opportunity to repair her public image and put rumors about her family to rest. The podcast vows an unfiltered glimpse into Jenelle’s life, delving into her rise to stardom and personal battles. This venture also presents the opportunity for Jenelle to reclaim her narrative, but she has some convincing to do.

Once live, the Teen Mom star’s podcast, The Time of The Day, will release episodes weekly.

Source: The Sun, In Touch, Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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