Superman Hates One Major Marvel Team


  • Superman admits he doesn’t trust or believe in the Avengers’ abilities to protect their world.
  • The Avengers face greater challenges in a darker Marvel Universe, often limited by government involvement.
  • Superman fails to see the Avengers’ true value and skill, underestimating their ability to save the Earth.

Marvel’s Avengers have saved the Marvel Universe more times than anyone can count, but despite these achievements, Superman has admitted he’s not a fan of the classic team. After being transported to the Marvel Universe, Superman admits that the Avengers’ attempts to better their world haven’t impressed him.

The Avengers and the Justice League swap places in the 2003-2004 miniseries JLA/Avengers by Kurt Busiek, George Perez, Tom Smith, and Comicraft. When two celestial beings decide to play a game of chance by pitting the two teams against one another, the Avengers explore the world of DC Comics and the Justice League explores the Marvel Universe. But Superman doesn’t seem to care much for the Avengers’ methods.

While Captain America thinks the Justice League are tyrants who’ve conquered their world, Superman believes the Avengers are incompetent leaders who have completely failed to protect theirs. Considering just how much darker the Marvel Universe is, Superman’s first assumption is pretty understandable.


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Superman Admits He Doesn’t Trust the Avengers after Exploring Marvel’s World

Comic book pages: Superman Witnesses The Destruction And Death Of The Marvel Universe

The Justice League has faced truly terrifying threats over the years that have sought the destruction of Earth or the entire DC Universe. The League has always managed to save the world, and the DCU’s citizens, by and large, love them for it. Superman is a celebrated worldwide hero that everyone counts on. Batman has an entire burger joint named after him, celebrating his adventures. Wonder Woman has often been a legitimate ambassador who works for the United Nations on behalf of Themyscira. The Justice League does everything it can to make the world a better place without directly getting involved in politics, but the same isn’t true of the Avengers.

Marvel’s world is a significantly darker place for its heroes, and they aren’t offered nearly as many benefits as DC’s. The Avengers often work closely with government agencies like S.H.I.E.L.D., which limits how much they can do for the world, since at the end of the day they often have to answer to the government. This relationship became a significant issue during storylines such as Civil War, which nearly tore the superhero community apart due to the Superhuman Registration Act: an act that would’ve forced superheroes to function as government agents. The rise of anti-mutant sentiment has also meant people can’t really use their powers to improve the world without being harassed and often attacked just for being different.

Superman Calls Out the Avengers for Their Perceived Failures

Comic book page: costumed superheroes from Marvel and DC face each other antagonistically.

Superman isn’t in the Marvel Universe for very long; he takes a quick tour and sees death and destruction in most places. Naturally, this gives him the impression that the Avengers aren’t as good as the Justice League. But Superman misses the intense differences in how humanity views the heroes of the Marvel Universe. Characters who would put everything on the line to save an innocent life, like Spider-Man, are often misrepresented as villains and a menace to society. The Avengers have been fighting to save the Earth for decades, and that Earth has yet to be destroyed, despite how many disadvantages they have, is a testament to how skilled they are as heroes — whether Superman believes in the Marvel team or not.

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