Star Wars Secretly Explained A Mandalorian Season 1 Grogu Mystery, 4 Years Later


  • Bounty hunting became less lucrative during the New Republic Era, leading to the practice of multiple hunters being hired for the same target.
  • Identical tracking fobs were given out for high-value targets, creating competition among hunters.
  • Grogu was the most highly valued target in the galaxy, sought after by Moff Gideon hence the hiring of multiple hunters who were desperate for a meaningful payout during this period of galactic recession.

Star Wars has answered a key mystery about Grogu from The Mandalorian season 1. Having been hired by the Imperial Remnant to find and locate the fifty-year-old and Force sensitive child, Din Djarin eventually turned on his clients and rescued Grogu, resolving to protect the child before he quested to return Grogu to his own kind in the second season. However, Djarin wasn’t the only bounty hunter who’d been hired to find the child.

In the established Star Wars canon, it was a rare thing for multiple bounty hunters to be hired to track down the same target, despite what’s seen on-screen with Han Solo and Grogu being notable exceptions. Likewise, it’s even stranger that so many of the Guild hunters on Nevarro held onto their tracking fobs even after Grogu was delivered. However, Kristen Baver’s Star Wars 100 Objects has revealed new insights as to why so many identical fobs were distributed, having much to do with the greater state of the galaxy during this particular period of the Star Wars timeline.


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The Galaxy Was In A Recession At The Mandalorian’s Start

A State Of Upheaval Following The Battle of Endor

New Republic office on Coruscant as shown in The Mandalorian season 3, episode 3

As revealed in the excerpt for tracking fobs from Star Wars 100 Objects, the galaxy was in a period of economic recession. This was largely due to the galactic upheaval caused by the Battle of Endor and the end of the Empire. As seen in future seasons of The Mandalorian and more shows set in the same era, it took time for the New Republic government to truly find its footing. To that end, the first few years saw the New Republic being quite overwhelmed as it sought to transition the entire galaxy with its countless worlds into a greater age of peace and freedom.

According to Star Wars 100 Objects, bounty hunting as a profession had become far less lucrative during the New Republic Era, explaining Din Djarin’s comments about certain jobs not even paying enough for fuel. Overall, bounty payouts became far lower in the new era. This eventually led to the practice of multiple hunters being hired for the same target being introduced.

Clients Gave Out Multiple Tracking Fobs For High-Value Targets

Din Djarin Wasn’t The Only Hunter Searching For Grogu

The Bounty Hunter Guild’s new practice of giving out identical tracking fobs was most common with higher-value targets, introducing greater levels of competition between hunters to ensure that targets would be found and captured. It’s why Din Djarin found himself fighting off so many other hunters both before and after he found Grogu. This included the deadly assassin droid who would eventually be reprogrammed, becoming seen as a hero to Nevarro thanks to his sacrifice at the end of The Mandalorian season 1.

Upon Din Djarin’s return to the Guild cantina, Greef Karga confirmed that all the hunters on Nevarro had been given identical fobs to the one that was given to Djarin. Likewise, the scarcity of high-paying jobs is likely why the hunters still had the fobs following Djarin’s decision to rescue Grogu from the Imperial Remnant as seen in The Mandalorian season 1, episode 3.


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Grogu Was The Galaxy’s Most Highly Valued Target

Moff Gideon Desperately Wanted The Child

Grogu in The Mandalorian season 1, with other episode 1 moments in the background

Grogu’s value to the Imperial Remnant (and specifically Moff Gideon) would continue to be revealed over time in future seasons of The Mandalorian. As such, it’s not surprising in hindsight why Grogu was undoubtedly the highest-valued target in the galaxy. With the entire galaxy in a recession, it’s no wonder that so many hunters were hired simultaneously, jumping at the chance to finally have a meaningful payday for once. As such, Grogu was incredibly fortunate that he was found first by Din Djarin who became honor-bound as his protector and later his adoptive father as seen at the end of The Mandalorian season 3.