Squid Game: The Challenge Season 2 Likely Won’t Happen For This Reason


  • The finale of Squid Game: The Challenge was disappointingly anti-climactic, with a short and dull game of Rock, Paper, Scissors determining the winner.
  • Editing made it difficult to invest in the contestants of Squid Game: The Challenge, as fan-favorites were eliminated early on and the focus shifted unpredictably.
  • Squid Game: The Challenge lost the original series’ message of capitalism gone awry, diluting the dark themes by turning it into a game show with less at stake.

Squid Game: The Challenge may be casting for another season, but the hit Netflix reality TV series doesn’t merit a second season. Based on the Korean drama exposing the cruel underbelly of capitalism, the game show replicated many of the children’s games from the original series without the gruesome murder. 456 contestants from around the world competed for a $4.56 million prize and were graciously allowed to leave with their lives when eliminated, a crucial diversion from the Korean drama. Mai Whelan, a 55-year-old Vietnamese immigrant from Fairfax County, Virginia, won the grand prize after a rousing game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors.”

Mai, Phill Cain, and Sam Lantz donned formal wear to enjoy a dinner together in which one of the three was eliminated in a game of chance rather than a fight to the death. When Sam hit the square button, he was automatically eliminated, leaving Phill and Mai to play “Rock, Paper, Scissors” on a “Squid Game” court. After numerous rounds, Mai won Squid Game: The Challenge and 4.56 million dollars. An entire season of children’s games and nods to the original series showcased exactly why Squid Game: The Challenge season 2 shouldn’t come to fruition.


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11 The Squid Game: The Challenge Finale Was Anti-Climactic

Why Rock, Paper, Scissors?

After nine episodes filled with exciting challenges from the original game peppered with brutal eliminations and tests of alliances, the Squid Game: The Challenge finale was disappointingly anti-climactic. First, Mai, Phill, and Sam ate dinner together, and Mai was saved by pressing the circle button, which turned grey. Next, Sam pushed the square, which turned red, indicating his elimination. Then, Mai and Phill played “Rock, Paper, Scissors” instead of the iconic “Squid Game” until Mai picked the correct key to unlock $4.56 million. It was only thirty minutes long and unbelievably dull.

10 Editing Made It Difficult To Invest In Squid Game: The Challenge Contestants

Fan-Favorites Got Eliminated Early On

The original Squid Game drama had a compelling narrative that indicated Gi-hun would be the winning protagonist of the series from the beginning. However, editing ruined Squid Game: The Challenge. Because it was a story and not reality, the script could be written to feature certain characters more than others, providing audiences with contestants to root for and mourn when they are eliminated. In contrast, Squid Game: The Challenge producers didn’t want to spoil who would go far in the competition, so various players were showcased throughout the episodes. However, the nine contestants who went the furthest were barely featured in early episodes, making them more difficult to connect with.

9 The Original Message Of Squid Game Was Lost

One of the most glaring reasons Squid Game: The Challenge doesn’t merit a season 2 is its blatant disregard for the original series’ message. Arguably, the first season shouldn’t have been green-lit in the first place. Squid Game explores the societal implications of capitalism, particularly the notion of meritocracy and the pursuit of success through individual effort. The series questions the fairness of a system that rewards ruthlessness and exploitation rather than genuine merit. However, the lesson of the original series is lost when recreating the chase for fame and greed in the real world.

8 Gameplay On Squid Game: The Challenge Will Become Predictable

Are They Going To Use The Same Games?

squid game the challenge 4

The contestants on Squid Game: The Challenge knew going into the competition that there would be games replicated from the original drama. For example, contestants seemed to know the “Red Light, Green Light” game would come first, followed by “Dalgona Cookie.” While “Tug of War” was replaced with “Warships,” the notorious “Glass Bridge” was replicated as well, alongside a game of marbles, usually against an ally. Various tests of allegiance and elimination were sprinkled throughout, but the cast members could anticipate which games would come next overall.

Will future seasons of Squid Game: The Challenge follow the original show’s format or choose different children’s games to exploit? As future seasons of the game show drift farther away from the original drama, the dark message of using innocent games to slaughter desperate contestants gets increasingly diluted.

7 Most Games On Squid Game: The Challenge Are Up To Chance

Many Eliminations Are Unfair

Squid Game The Challenge contestants playing Glass Bridge

Most tasks in Squid Game: The Challenge are up to chance. While this mimics the cruelty of the original series, it seems unfair for a competition show. Players rely on their skills to survive in other game or survival shows like Survivor or The Challenge. However, many eliminations on Squid Game: The Challenge were entirely up to chance, two of which were seen in the finale. As another example, “Warships,” “Glass Bridge,” and “Marbles” were also mostly up to chance, as well as the self-eliminations that marred the dice game.

6 Players Were Mistreated By Squid Game: The Challenge Production

It’s Unethical To Continue Filming

Red Light Green Light Game in Squid Game The Challenge

Before the series even aired, there were reports of Squid Game: The Challenge producers mistreating contestants. In the first “Red Light, Green Light” challenge, contestants were allegedly forced to film for hours wearing only thin tracksuits in the cold. Additionally, cast members weren’t adequately fed or were filming for hours longer than promised. While adding to the dark inspiration from the original Squid Game drama, it’s not a good look for Netflix.

5 Each Season Would Dilute The Original Meaning Of Squid Game

Squid Game: The Challenge Will Become The Antithesis Of Squid Game

This collage shows Gi-hun in front of a picture of the red light, green light game and the marbles game in Squid Game.


Between the greed of the pursuit of $4.56 million and clout-chasing, the original meaning of Squid Game is already lost. However, each new season of the game show would only dilute the message of the drama series. Squid Game: The Challenge will become the antithesis of Squid Game, encouraging contestants worldwide to play children’s games to win fame and money.

As the stakes rise and the games intensify, the characters in Squid Game are forced to confront their moral compasses. The series explores how desperation can erode ethical boundaries and challenge the concept of human dignity. However, the message is lost when lives aren’t on the line, and Squid Game is reduced to a silly game show.

3 Random Elimination On Squid Game: The Challenge Makes It Hard To Root For Anyone

There’s Not A Storyline To Follow

Squid Game The Challenge Player 018 Bee

Who would get eliminated or do well in the following challenges was usually indicated by who producers chose to highlight before, during, and after the games in Squid Game: The Challenge. For example, Bryton Constantin (432) was heavily featured as a villain in the first few episodes but was unceremoniously eliminated in “Warships” when he happened to be on an unlucky boat that sank. Additionally, fan-favorite TJ Stukes (182) was eliminated in “Glass Bridge” when he was selected to go first, sealing his fate. The random eliminations made it difficult to root for anyone.

2 Black Ink Imitating Shooting Is Insensitive

Gun Violence Is Rampant In The USA

Photos from Squid Game The Challenge, including masked person and Red Light Green Light challenge

The spurts of black ink imitating a gunshot when contestants were eliminated was incredibly insensitive, given the rampant gun violence in the United States and abroad. While something needed to happen to indicate elimination, it seemed crass and tacky to include a fake, fatal gunshot wound in a culture where a mass shooting could happen on any day of the week. This choice is just another indication of the original Squid Game message being lost and commercialized.

1 Murder Was At The Crux Of Squid Game

The Intersection Of Money And Murder Was The Point

10 Ways Squid Game Season 2 Will Be A Completely Different Show

While turning Squid Game into a game show likely made money-hungry executives froth at the mouth with delight, the crux of the original series can never be replicated ethically in the real world. Murder was central to Squid Game, as human desperation was at the heart of the series. Contestants on Squid Game: The Challenge asserted they would get out of debt, help their family, or donate to charity with the money, but nobody expressed they would kill to win the game, which was the whole point of Squid Game.

The original series revolves around individuals from various walks of life, all united by their desperate financial situations. They are lured into a series of deadly games with the promise of a life-changing sum of money. This level of desperation cannot be replicated in Squid Game: The Challenge, and the series should not be renewed for season 2, no matter how much money it makes for Netflix. In fact, that’s kind of the point.