Sister Wives Star Robyn Brown Might Resent Kody, According To Body Language Expert


  • Robyn Brown’s emotional response to Kody and Meri’s conversation suggests a personal sense of abandonment and lack of support from Kody.
  • Janelle Brown’s unresolved feelings and failure to initiate a productive conversation with Kody led to heightened emotions and a heated argument.
  • Both Kody’s odd choices and the former wives’ actions contribute to the failure of their plural marriage, potentially causing Robyn to become fed up with their now monogamous relationship.

A body language expert is revealing how Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is unhappy with Kody Brown and what’s recently transpired within their family. Kody was married three times when he and Robyn connected. Kody and Robyn were together for four years before their spiritual marriage. Kody was still legally married to Meri Brown then. They welcomed son Solomon Kody Brown and legally married in December 2014 after Kody divorced Meri to adopt Robyn’s three kids. It is believed that Robyn and Kody’s close relationship was one of the reasons why Christine Brown split from Kody.

After Christine, Janelle Brown, and Meri confirmed their splits with Kody, while he remained devoted to Robyn, who is now his only and resentful wife (as per TheList.) Meri and Kody reached a conclusion to end their marriage in an episode of Sister Wives season 18, and Robyn, who was ready to “advocate” for Meri, broke down in tears when Kody said, “You want something that we can’t have together,” to his first wife. Body language expert, communication coach, and author, Jess Ponce III observed, Robyn makes the situation about herself, visibly distraught and unable to remain seated during Meri and Kody’s exchange.”


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Janelle Brown Hasn’t Resolved Her Issues With Kody Yet

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The expert noted that Robyn made the situation about herself. She was visibly distraught and unable to remain seated during the scene between Meri and the Brown family patriarch. Her emotional response seems disproportionate, contrasting with Meri and Kody’s focus on their situation,” Jess Ponce III explained. Robyn had excused herself from the conversation, which was an “intense reaction” and could have implied a “personal sense of abandonment, potentially stemming from a lack of support and love from Kody.” Meanwhile, Jess Ponce III analyzed the scene showing the explosive fight where Janelle demanded the cameras to stop filming after her cursing out Kody led to their split.

Janelle faced challenges during the conversation, grappling with unresolved feelings and thoughts she hadn’t fully sorted out for productive engagement,” the expert noted. While TLC‘s Janelle could have initiated the conversation with a “let’s talk” declaration, she “proceeded without contextualizing her concerns, contributing to the heated nature of the discussion.” Janelle’s not moving from the couch as Kody walked around the house acted as a roadblock to “effective communication. Moreover, it led to “heightened emotions, verbal attacks, and personal remarks,” which caused Janelle to yell, “Shut your f***ing mouth and let me talk for a minute.

Janelle and Kody’s argument could have been resolved if Janelle had approached the subject with sensitivity and logic. The event created such a rift between Janelle and Kody that they didn’t speak to each other for months. Although Kody receives criticism for his odd choices, his former spouses are equally to blame for their plural marriage failing. Then there’s Robyn, who could be fed up with the now monogamous marriage as all she wanted was to sit on a porch with her Sister Wives.

Source: TheList, TLC/YouTube

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