Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Refuses To Help Robyn With Her “Sad” Marriage Request


  • Christine Brown denies Robyn’s request for an off-camera moment to allow her to move forward with her marriage to Kody.
  • Christine believes Robyn is “losing something that could be so beautiful” but doesn’t think Robyn has what it takes to hold the family together.
  • Christine is happy in her new marriage to David and is looking forward to the upcoming Sister Wives wedding special, while Robyn continues to mourn the loss of their plural family.

Sister Wives‘ Christine Brown is refusing to accept Robyn Brown’s “sad” plea to have an off-camera moment with her, Janelle Brown, and Meri Brown. Christine and Kody Brown spiritually married in March 1994. Christine became Kody’s third out of his four wives, but also the first to leave him back in 2021, after which both Janelle and Meri followed suit in 2022. Now that Christine has moved on and even gotten married to another man, David Woolley, Robyn, Kody’s only remaining spouse, feels like she still needs permission from Kody’s exes to move forward with her marriage.

However, in her recent appearance on Heather McDonald’s “Juicy Scoop” podcast, Christine is denying Robyn’s request to be “released” (via InTouch.) Christine said, “She wants me to go up to her verbally and say, ‘You can have [Kody Brown]’? Girl, never going to happen.Christine said that Robyn expects her and Janelle and Meri to go to her off-camera and say, “Your majesty, you can have him now.” As per Christine, it’s “never going to happen.” Christine confessed, “I’m so grateful to not live in her mind,She feels Robyn must be “very, very, very sad” to watch everything crumble around her and to feel “so powerless” while holding it all together.

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Christine Brown Doesn’t Know Why Robyn “Can’t Just Be Happy”

She does not have what it takes to hold it all together. She doesn’t,” added Christine. The newly married Christine thinks that Robyn must feel like she’s thinking that she’s “losing something that could be so beautiful.” Robyn recalled how she was feeling five years ago when she was grieving and knew she “couldn’t hold it together either.” Moreover, Christine is not entirely sure why Robyn was so upset when the family fell apart. “She says she wants to live plural marriage but I didn’t see enough proof of that with my own eyes to believe her,” Christine admitted.

Christine wasn’t able to “monopolize” Kody as Robyn did. She didn’t want to do it because it was a lot of work. Christine found herself asking, “Holy, what am I going to do with him full-time?” Christine added, “I’m sure that’s part of it. Or maybe it’s not.” Next, Christine compared her own marriage with David to Robyn and Kody’s relationship. She said she loved having David around her full-time. “So maybe they have something different in their home. Maybe they have absolute magic,” she wondered. Christine failed to understand why Robyn couldn’t be happy and “be OK.

Meanwhile, Christine has her hands full with the upcoming Sister Wives: Christine & David’s Wedding special, all set to premiere in January 2024. Christine got married to David in October 2023 after having met him on a dating app. Christine did not invite Kody and Robyn to the wedding. Meri, too, was left out of the guest list. Christine is the happiest she’s ever been as she celebrates her new life with the man she knows is her soulmate. It appears Robyn will forever keep wishing for an “off camera” moment with Christine as she keeps mourning the loss of their plural Sister Wives family.

Sister Wives: Christine & David’s Wedding airs January 7 and 14 at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

Source: Juicy Scoop, InTouch, Christine Brown/Instagram

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