Sister Wives: Meri Brown Shows Off Weight Loss in Pretty In Pink Thanksgiving Makeover (She’s Radiant)


  • Sister Wives star Meri Brown has gone through difficult times in her spiritual union with Kody. She looks lean and fabulous this Thanksgiving.
  • In season 18, Meri and Janelle Brown are both exhausted and frustrated with Kody, and their pain is affecting them.
  • The current season shows the Brown family in crisis, with Meri unsure if Kody will divide the proceeds from their property fairly. Offscreen, Meri is free to do whatever she wants. She looks so much happier.

Sister Wives icon Meri Brown went through some dark times during her legal-marriage-turned-spiritual union with Kody Brown, and this Thanksgiving, she’s looking lean and fabulous. During Sister Wives season 18, Meri seems exhausted, and so does Janelle Brown. The pain they are feeling is obviously affecting them. Years of frustration is bubbling up to the surface and sapping their strength. While Meri isn’t unloading like Janelle did, both women are so fed up with Kody. Offscreen, Meri’s a single woman, and freedom looks good on her.

Sister Wives season 18’s showing the Brown family in crisis, and Meri isn’t sure that Kody’s going to fairly divide the proceeds from their Coyote Pass property. For years, he’s been disappointing Meri (who gave up her legal wife status so Kody could marry Robyn), and it seems like he’s still doing that. Since he’s all about Robyn Brown, there’s no hope for the Brown family’s plural marriage. However, offscreen, Meri’s free, and that means that she can do whatever she wants.

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Meri Brown’s Been Looking Skinnier Lately

Is Meri Brown On A Revenge Body Diet?

Meri’s been looking thinner in her recent posts, as though the stress is seeping out of her. While she’s lovely at any weight, right now, she looks remarkably glamorous. In the post above, Meri seems overjoyed, and she deserves to be happy after years of being trapped in an unfulfilling relationship. Kody was awful to her sometimes. Meri shared her post from the shore of “Lake Michigan,” where she seemed invigorated by the chilly day. Her full caption is:

Happy Thanksgiving from the chilly and windy shores of beautiful Lake Michigan!

Wishing you a day full of love, laughter, family & friendships!

Sometimes, Sister Wives season 18 star Meri seems sad, and it’s so nice to see her looking genuinely happy. Her recent Instagram posts are showing a new side of her. She seems to be letting go of the whole “cryptic post” thing that was a part of her life for so long. In the past, she held out hope that Kody would love her again. When she gave up and left, she actually liberated herself. Why hope for something so futile? So, perhaps the days of cryptic posting are over. It may be time for Meri to be more open about her life and her true thoughts and feelings. Now, there’s really nothing to hide.

Source: Meri Brown/Instagram

The Sister Wives Season 18 Tell-All Part 1 will air on November 26. The air time has yet to be announced.

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