Sasquatch Cosplay Brings Hulk’s Impossibly Powerful Rival to Life


  • An incredible Sasquatch cosplay brings the powerful rival of the Hulk to life, capturing the character’s distinct orange fur and conveying his size and majesty.
  • Sasquatch, like the Hulk, gained his powers through gamma radiation experiments, but his transformation is through a spirit possession, and he once dragged a naval destroyer ashore.
  • Sasquatch and the Hulk have a long history of fighting, with each showdown being intense and inconclusive, making a true battle between the two incredibly destructive. This cosplay showcases Sasquatch’s power and potential to rival the Hulk.

An epic new Sasquatch cosplay brings the Hulk’s impossibly powerful rival to stunning life. A fan favorite character since his introduction in 1979, Sasquatch was also a founding member of the Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight. Sasquatch is also one of Marvel’s strongest characters, and this has brought him into conflict with the Hulk on multiple occasions. Now, cosplayer thegodddamnbatmanuel has captured on photo a truly awesome Sasquatch cosplay that brings the big orange guy to life.

Thegoddamnbatmanuel unveiled the amazing shoot, taken at New York Comic-Con, in a post on Instagram. The cosplayer, whose identity was not specified, has created the perfect, comics’ accurate tribute to Sasquatch. The cosplayer brings the character to life, replicating his distinct orange fur.

The cosplay also does a great job at conveying Sasquatch’s size and majesty as well.

Sasquatch and the Hulk Go Way Back

Like the Hulk, Sasquatch gained his powers through experiments with gamma radiation. Unlike the Hulk, who was directly exposed to gamma rays, Sasquatch, AKA Doctor Walter Langkowski, instead opened a doorway that allowed a spirit to possess him, explaining why he is orange instead of the usual green. He would go on to serve with several different incarnations of Alpha Flight, as well as its spin-off teams. The limits of Sasquatch’s strength have never been revealed, but he once dragged a naval destroyer ashore. Sasquatch’s great strength and endurance also make him a rival of the Hulk.

Sasquatch was created by legendary artist John Byrne

Sasquatch and the Hulk have fought several times through the years, taking each other down to the wire each time. So great is Sasquatch’s strength that, early in his career, he fought the Hulk simply as a way of testing his strength. The two also share a bond beyond being simply powerful bruisers. During Immortal Hulk, it was revealed that Langkowski’s experiments opened a “Green Door,” which triggered his first transformation. These Green Doors led to the Below-Place, where the One-Below-All resides, and were an important plot point in Immortal Hulk. When fans last saw Sasquatch, he was now inhabiting the body of Doc Samson, another rival of the Hulk.

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Could Sasquatch Defeat the Hulk?

Hulk Sasquatch 2

And the Sasquatch cosplay thegoddamnbatmanuel has shared is not only a loving tribute to a cult favorite, but also looks like he could go toe to toe with the Hulk. The unknown cosplayer has recreated not only Sasquatch’s trademark orange fur, but also his large size. Sasquatch and the Hulk are roughly the same size, and this cosplay conveys this. Sasquatch and Hulk’s past conflicts ended inconclusively, meaning a true knock-down fight between the two could be one of the most destructive Earth has ever seen. Sasquatch is more than a match for the Hulk, and this cosplay brings him to life.

Source: thegoddamnbatmanuel