Rick & Morty Season 7 Episode 7 Recap: 11 Funniest Gags & Moments

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for Rick and Morty season 7, episode 7.


  • Morty and Summer team up for a silly, weird adventure in Rick and Morty season 7, episode 7.
  • The episode includes references to episode 6’s major twists but focuses on Summer’s storyline, showing the potential for her to take center stage more often.
  • Rick makes a meta-joke about the show’s reliance on formula, acknowledging that the series excels when it gets weird and breaks out of the familiar structure.

While Rick and Morty season 7, episode 7 finally sees Morty and Summer team up for an adventure, this doesn’t mean that the outing prioritizes sibling bonding over laughs. After Rick and Morty season 7, episode 5, “Unmortricken,” shook the show’s entire canon by killing off Rick Prime, the next outing was a much more light-hearted, sillier affair. Season 7, episode 6, “Rickfending Your Mort,” saw Rick attempt to audit Morty’s recollection of their adventures, only for the pair to end up on another wild intergalactic adventure despite themselves. Now, season 7, episode 7, “Wet Kuat Amortican Summer,” has continued this tonal shift with another goofy story.

The episode does reference Rick and Morty season 7 episode 5’s major Rick Prime twist, but these were mostly throwaway lines in an episode that largely focused on Summer. “Wet Kuat Amortican Summer” was the first Rick and Morty episode since season 5 to highlight Morty’s sister, but the outing proved that the show would benefit from giving her center stage more often. An absurd adventure that saw Morty become a grotesque psychic appendage attached to Summer, “Wet Kuat Amortican Summer” was a reminder of just how fun Rick and Morty can be when the show cuts lose with a truly weird plot.

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11 Summer’s “Chores”

Working For Rick Involves Some Wild Tasks

In the opening scenes of “Wet Kuat Amortican Summer,” Summer does Rick’s busy work to earn a favor from him. She hoped to utilize his attribute slider, a real-life version of the video game convention that allows players to alter their appearance and personality based on a few variables. However, because this was Rick’s housework that she was doing, Summer’s “Chores” included dismembering an alien carcass and sorting a box of amulets between “Normal” and “Cursed.” Summer’s utterly bored face throughout this montage was a great early gag in the outing.

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10 The Morty Kuato Reveal

Morty and Summer’s Squabble Cost Them Dearly

Much like Rick and Morty season 7, episode 6 set up one storyline before following another tangent entirely, “Wet Kuat Amortican Summer” dropped the attribute slider story only a few minutes into the outing. After Morty and Summer fought over the gadget at a party, they fell into the pool and set the real story in motion. The revelation that Morty fused with Summer and turned into a “Kuato,” a psychic mutant reminiscent of the Total Recall character of the same name, was the episode’s grossest moment and one of its funniest scenes.

Rick Commented On Rick and Morty’s Reliable Formula

Rick and Morty excited about a device in season 7

When Rick admitted that he thought the attribute slider was “Going to be the whole thing this week,” it was a clever nod to the fourth wall that mocked the show’s occasional reliance on formula. Despite the Rick Prime/ Evil Prime storyline providing an emotional backbone for the show’s last few seasons, there is no denying that Rick and Morty generally relies on episodic formula and sci-fi parodies for many of its plots. Rick’s glee upon seeing Morty as Kuato acknowledged that the series can be formulaic, but excels when it gets weird.

8 Morty’s Kuato Catchphrase

Morty’s frequent exclamations of “Open your mind” will make it impossible to watch Total Recall with a straight face again, as this was all he could say while trapped in his Kuato form. For a while, it seemed like Morty wasn’t trying to say anything else, then it eventually became clear that this was all he could say, but the phrase stood in for any number of other comments. Finally, Summer eventually learned that she could have formed a psychic bond with Morty much earlier, meaning he was also just trying to tell her what to do all along.

7 Summer Activated Her Ponytail

Rick’s Pettiness Knew No Bounds

Summer and Morty look at Rick angrily in Rick and Morty

Rick equipped Summer with a lock-picking ponytail, but it came with a catch. The activation phrase wasn’t an easily remembered term. Instead, it was a sentence that forced Summer to say that she didn’t appreciate Rick enough, something she found out while narrowly escaping a furnace after her Kuato Morty was surgically removed.

6 Rick Argues With His Ship

Rick’s Ship Brought Back A Dark Earlier Gag

While Rick and Morty’s Rick Prime death made the death of Rick’s wife feel fresh all over again, “Wet Kuat Amortican Summer” still managed to make this event darkly funny. When Rick demanded to know why the ship’s security footage was in black and white and the ship replied that it was for “Dramatic effect,” he argued that he didn’t design the ship to prioritize dramatic effect. She countered by pointing out that he gave the vessel his dead ex-wife’s voice, silencing Rick pretty quickly.

5 Glen Powell’s Rick and Morty Season 7 Role

The A-List Star Mocked His Usual Tough Screen Persona

Glen Powell as Hangman sitting down and looking wistful in Top Gun: Maverick.

Top Gun: Maverick’s Glen Powell was solid as ever in the episode, playing a smooth-talking charmer who seduced Summer and tricked her into losing Kuato Morty. However, Powell’s comedic chops really shined when he was confronted by an enraged Summer and started blubbering in terror. This scene made it easy to see why Rick and Morty‘s villainous Evil Morty would be afraid of his sister’s wrath.

4 Rick Can’t Find His Man

Rick’s Attempts to Copy Taken Failed Repeatedly

Rick flying in a ship with Morty in Rick and Morty

Rick ended up beating an underpaid taxi driver and an innocent barman before finally punching the right guy in his search for Summer. His disbelief when he realized he had actually found Summer’s attacker was one of the episode’s funniest moments. However, this became even better when the criminal revealed that he wasn’t even hiding Summer, and she was just a few feet away from Rick offscreen.

3 Rick Tricked The Psychic Fighters

The Genius’s Goofiest Move Ever Proved Effective

Rick and Morty talking about their Space Jam cameos

Rick took on psychic henchmen with a fake temple that housed a high-pitched noisemaker. This gambit successfully convinced the psychic henchmen that he would kill them with mind powers Scanners-style. While Rick and Morty’s hero has made many mistakes, this proved just how resourceful Rick Sanchez can be in a pinch.

2 Summer’s Secret Ponytail Move

Morty’s Sister Discovered a Gruesome Hidden Skill

Summer's ponytail in Rick and Morty season 7 episode 7

During the Taken parody in the episode’s finale, Summer’s ponytail forced itself down a henchman’s throat and killed him. Despite how effective this move proved, a disgusted Summer insisted that Rick remove this function. Rick was hurt by her response, calling her “Ungrateful” for failing to appreciate the ingenuity of this killer hair technology.

1 Kenneth the Kuato Nesting Doll

Summer and Rick’s Disinterest In the Episode’s Villain Was Priceless

Summer looks excited while Jerry looks surprised in Rick and Morty

In the final scenes of “Wet Kuat Amortican Summer,” the villainous Kenneth revealed that his Kuato was the real mastermind, rather than his human carrier, only for this Kuato to then reveal another, smaller Kuato within himself. Fittingly, Kenneth’s Kuato also wielded a Kuato knife, which was simply a knife with a smaller knife that pointlessly popped out of it. While Rick and Morty’s heroes defeated Kenneth and his many Kuatos, even almost dying was not enough to stop the character from trying to reveal more secrets to the disinterested characters.

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