Reverse 1999: The Best Charlie Build (Psychubes & Team Comp)

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Charlie is a main DPS in Reverse: 1999 who plays with HP and buffs. She requires some time to build, as she can only supply her buffs once she starts gaining her Insight passives. However, once she gets both Insight Three and Portray Three, she can hover at a powerful buffed state between 80% and 50% HP.

Charlie is a 5-star character with a Star Afflatus, making her Portrays easier to collect. Her Incantations have two different bonuses. If she casts Tempest To Thee! with less than 50% HP, she deals up to 150% more Mental DMG. When she casts Thunder To Thee! with boosted stats or a Positive Status, she deals up to 100% more Mental DMG. These Incantations demonstrate the importance of keeping Charlie buffed and at a certain HP level.

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The Best Psychubes For Charlie

Part of the reason Charlie is such a good main DPS in Reverse: 1999 is because she can make a lot of ATK Psychubes work in her favor. Charlie’s kit can benefit from whether the Psychube focuses on boosting DMG in special circumstances, providing utility powers, or playing with criticals. Be careful with healing Psychubes once you get to Portray Three, as they can mess with Charlie’s delicate HP balance.

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The 6-Star Psychube Hopscotch centers around Charlie’s last-hitting as many enemies as possible with her Incantations before unleashing a buffed Ultimate. This Psychube gives her up to an 18% Incantation Might bonus to make her job more manageable. Once Charlie does take out an enemy, she gets a stack of up to +8% Ultimate Might. She can hold up to four of these stacks at any time. This power boost pairs well with Charlie’s Ultimate; I Stand Alone On The Stage, and its ability to dispel all stat boosts, Positive Statuses, and Counters from enemies before attacking.

Brave New World is, unsurprisingly, another good pick for Charlie since this Psychube is a go-to choice for many DPS characters in Reverse: 1999. Brave New World could be considered the opposite of Hopscotch, as it provides a baseline Ultimate Might bonus and an Incantation Might bonus connected to its Amplification. At Level 60, Brave New World boosts Ultimate Might by 18%. Once Charlie uses her Ultimate, her next Incantation gets up to 40% more Incantation Might. This allows Charlie to take further advantage of her Ultimate’s dispel ability and strike before enemies can regain their buffs.

Meanwhile, Thunderous Applause is built for Charlie and uses her face as its key art. This Psychube doesn’t work for everyone, as it has a one-target trigger, but that makes it great for Charlie and her Crit DMG aspirations. If you fully level up Thunderous Applause, Charlie will have a 16% Critical Rate bonus, so she can better trigger her Amplification.

If Charlie makes a critical hit with a single-target attack (which both her Incantations are), she deals up to 32% more Crit DMG.

If you don’t have Thunderous Applause, An Afternoon Nap is essentially a 5-star version of that Psychube but with a harder-to-trigger Amplification. It gives Charlie 13% more Crit Rate at Level 60. Rather than providing an instant Crit DMG bonus, once Charlie makes a single-target critical hit, she will get one stack of +3% Crit DMG. If the Amplification is at Level 5, she can hold up to eight stacks of this bonus.

The Best Team Composition For Charlie

Once Charlie is fully upgraded, she can cover a lot of important roles in Reverse: 1999. As she deals great DMG, she also buffs herself and dispels buffs from her enemies. As such, a debuffer works well with Charlie’s kit to fill in the holes her Insight and Portrays left. When looking at survival characters, Charlie needs one whose healing can be focused and harnessed to keep her in the sweet spot between 50 and 80% HP.

Reverse: 1999‘s Voyager is one of the best debuffers available for Charlie. Her debuff attack, Stellar Symphony, makes enemies more open to critical hits and, therefore, synergizes with Charlie when she uses Thunderous Applause or An Afternoon Nap. Her Ultimate does excellent damage for some sub-DPS support. She even provides a few buffs that don’t conflict with Charlie’s passives. Rather, they protect Charlie from harm and punish enemies for attacking her.

If you want a support who plays a stricter debuff role, Baby Blue may be more your speed. Baby blue has two different debuff Incantations. The first, Cough Syrup, is a general debuff to an enemy’s DMG and DMG Taken. If you get her second Incantion, Tea Party, to two stars or more, she can weaken one target to Mental DMG, the same sort Charlie deals. These debuffs make Baby blue a great partner for Charlie.

Twins Sleep is a similarly good ally for Charlie with Baby blue’s debuffs and Voyager’s critical support but less of an effort to obtain. Their main debuff weakens the next attack of all enemies while lowering their Crit DEF. This makes them more susceptible to Charlie when she’s built toward critical hits. Twins Sleep’s second debuff, at two stars, reduces Mental DEF, similar to Baby blue. While Baby blue and Voyager can each do their tasks better than Twins Sleep, they are a low-effort investment that is worth the time if you don’t have a stronger option.

Since Charlie prefers not to heal her HP fully, you may want to give her a shielder rather than a healer. If so, Tennant is your best choice in Reverse: 1999. She has the best shielding capabilities in the entire game. Tennant also works as an excellent sub-DPS with a solid Reality DMG attack and an Ultimate that weakens enemies to her future attacks. This debuff won’t work for Charlie, but she will benefit significantly from the shield. Tennant can make the most of her debuff.

Lastly, it’s hard to find a character who can’t work for Reverse: 1999‘s infamous doctor, Medicine Pocket, and Charlie is no exception. Medicine Pocket provides strong, focused healing that can keep Charlie in her HP sweet spot. They reduce DMG Taken for their allies while increasing it against enemies. They are a top-tier survival character who can ensure Charlie stays at her full power in Reverse: 1999.

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