Rebel Moon 3 Plans Confirmed At Netflix (& Zack Snyder’s Surprisingly Far Along With It)


  • Director Zack Snyder is actively working on Rebel Moon 3, the second installment in the upcoming sci-fi franchise.
  • Netflix sees Snyder as a major asset and is actively collaborating with him on expanding his Rebel Moon and Army of the Dead universes.
  • Snyder has creative freedom with Netflix, allowing him to bring his personal and previously untold stories to life.

Director Zack Snyder has confirmed that a Rebel Moon 3 is currently in development. The upcoming Netflix movie is poised to launch a massive sci-fi franchise, with Snyder having previously teased in the past that a trilogy of sequels after the main installment could be in the works. The first Rebel Moon will be released in two parts, with the first part, A Child of Fire, releasing in December and the second part, The Scargiver, in April.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Snyder confirmed that he is currently working on Rebel Moon 3, which would be the second installment in the franchise. While Netflix hasn’t officially greenlit the title, Snyder is actively writing on the third movie, while the second part of the first Rebel Moon is in post-production. Moreover, the Man of Steel filmmaker is also developing more sequels and spinoffs for his Army of the Dead universe, solidifying his active partnership with Netflix.

Netflix Sees Zack Snyder As A Major Asset

With Snyder simultaneously working on expanding his Rebel Moon and Army of the Dead universe, it’s clear that Netflix wants to continue collaborating with the filmmaker and is currently treating him as one of its biggest assets. After departing the 2017 Justice League, Snyder returned to the director’s chair to helm Army of the Dead, hoping it would launch the next big franchise for him and the streamer. A spinoff, Army of Thieves, was also released in the same calendar year as Army of the Dead, though an anime prequel, Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas, was cancelled, despite the majority of production being completed.

Snyder is also working on another animated show, Twilight of the Gods, though not much is known about how far it is to release or if it is still in the development stage. It’s clear to say that the filmmaker has been busy crafting stories he had always wanted to tell but did not have the creative freedom to do so before collaborating with Netflix. The streamer is known for giving its filmmakers creative freedom, which continues to please Snyder as he works on more projects with them.

Zack Snyder has recently confirmed that both Rebel Moon and Army of the Dead are set in the same universe.

While it’s still unclear how far Snyder’s planned projects will pan out, with the filmmaker also gaining the rights back to his Blood and Ashes screenplay, his partnership with Netflix will likely continue for a considerable amount of time, especially if Rebel Moon 3 gets off the ground. Snyder seems eager to work on stories that are deeply personal to him, even if a loud fanbase wants him to continue working on new DC movies set in the “SnyderVerse,” despite having fully moved on from the DC Extended Universe.

Source: THR

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