Reacher’s Trail Of Blood In Season 2 Makes 1 Exciting Spinoff Idea Even More Likely

Warning: Major spoilers for Reacher season 2 below!


  • Reacher’s increased violence and the presence of like-minded allies hint at a potential spin-off series.
  • The show raises questions about the consequences of Reacher’s actions and the possibility of legal trouble.
  • A potential spin-off could explore the ramifications of Reacher’s actions and adapt Diane Capri’s “Hunt For Reacher” book series.

Many Reacher season 2 moments highlight how the titular character is leaving behind a trail of blood, which perfectly paves the way for an exciting spin-off series. Alan Ritchson’s character is not only brawnier in season 2 but also way meaner to the bad guys. Given how he is now surrounded by like-minded former Military Police personnel like Neagley, Dixon, and O’Donnell, it makes sense for him to take a no-holds-barred approach toward solving crime.

While Reacher’s gradual descent into moral ambiguity is entertaining, it raises several questions surrounding the consequences of his actions. With his rap sheet piling numbers after numbers, it is hard not to wonder whether he will eventually land in legal trouble. The Amazon show may not provide concrete answers to this, but a potential Reacher spin-off could explore the ramifications of Reacher’s actions in a unique way.


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Reacher’s Season 2’s Murders Set Up A “Hunt For Reacher” Spinoff

Alan Ritchson’s Jack Reacher had to kill a few bad guys in season 1 before getting to the bottom of the overarching conspiracy. In Reacher season 2, however, his kill count has been incredibly high, and even his team members have publicly killed several enemies. Reacher season 2’s episode 7 also features a scene where he visits a hospital and ruthlessly murders a sniper before accidentally killing another villain at the location. With so many murders in public places, Jack Reacher is clearly leaving a long trail of blood behind him in season 2, which may go unnoticed for a while but will eventually raise suspicion. This sets up the stage for a Hunt For Reacher spin-off.

In Diane Capri’s Hunt For Reacher book series, FBI agents Otto and Gaspar set out to track Jack Reacher down, believing he is a cold-blooded killer. Starting their journey with Margrave, they trace every little clue Jack Reacher leaves behind with his ruthless murders and crimes. Given how Amazon’s Reacher has already escalated the character’s lethality by painting a grim picture of his quest for justice, especially in season 2’s final episodes, it will not be long before law enforcement will start noticing the patterns in his killings and set out to find him. This perfectly paves the way for a Reacher spin-off that could adapt Diane Capri’s Hunt For Reacher book series.

Why Diane Capri’s Hunt For Reacher Would Make A Great Amazon Spinoff

Reacher, Roscoe, and Finlay talking in a phone in a hallway in Reacher season 1, episode 3

In Diane Capri’s Hunt For Reacher, Otto and Gaspar begin their journey with Margrave as they attempt to unravel Jack Reacher’s whereabouts and the gravitas of his crimes. By adapting Diane Capri’s Hunt for Reacher in a spin-off series, the franchise will be able to revisit all the settings the parent show has walked viewers through, adding a new sense of nostalgia to the franchise’s overarching storyline. In Diane Capri’s books, characters like Roscoe and Finlay also make appearances, allowing the spin-off to give them more screen time without disrupting the narrative of the main Reacher series. Whether Amazon will adapt Diane Capri’s books is yet to be seen, but they seem perfect for a spin-off that could eventually intersect with Reacher‘s storyline.

Reacher season 2 concludes Friday on Prime Video.


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