Power Rangers’ Best Team Leader Was The Perfect Red Ranger Before He Even Had A Morpher


  • Carter Grayson from Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue was a firefighter before becoming the Red Ranger.
  • Carter is considered one of the best Power Rangers Red Rangers.
  • After Lightspeed Rescue, Carter returned in crossover episodes with other Power Rangers series, further demonstrating his enduring popularity.

The best Power Rangers leader and one of the best Red Rangers in the franchise was the perfect superhero even before he had a morpher. The most mature Power Rangers seasons have given the show some of its coolest characters, from role-model Rangers to inexperienced heroes who learn how to be the best version of themselves. Mighty Morphin may be the show’s most iconic entry, but many incredible characters were introduced in less popular seasons.

Any list of best Power Rangers characters will feature legends like the original Green Ranger Tommy Oliver or the original Pink Ranger Kimberly Hart. Still, those would not be complete without some names that only joined the saga way after Mighty Morphin. This includes the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers, one of whom was already a great team leader before he became a Power Ranger.

Lightspeed Rescue’s Carter Grayson Was A Hero Before He Was A Power Ranger

Carter was a firefighter prior to joining Lightspeed

Carter Grayson, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue’s Red Ranger, is widely considered one of the best characters in the franchise. This is partially because Carter is one of the few Power Rangers characters who was already a hero prior to becoming Ranger. The Lightspeed Rescue Red Ranger was a firefighter before he joined the team and was recruited to the operation because of his impressive career. The Lightspeed Rangers were more of public servants than superheroes, and Carter Grayson continued to use his firefighter skills after becoming the leader of the Power Rangers.

Carter decided to become a firefighter after being saved by one during a fire when he was a child. Interestingly, the firefighter who saved Carter’s life was Captain Mitchel, the person who put the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers together. The Red Ranger already knew important lessons that any superhero should know, but he also learned a lot after gaining his powers. Carter’s discipline and sense of duty also came in handy when he became a Power Ranger, not to mention how the Lightspeed Rangers often assisted the firefighters in rescue missions.

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Why Carter Grayson Is One Of Power Rangers’ Best Red Rangers

Carter was the perfect team leader

It can be argued that Lightspeed Rescue’s Carter Grayson is Power Rangers’ best Red Ranger. Although some of the franchise’s most iconic characters have been Red Rangers, such as Jason Lee Scott or Tommy Oliver, Carter combined everything that is expected from a Power Rangers team leader. He valued his team members first and foremost, ensuring they were safe while performing the missions. Carter also knew what to prioritize during each missing, and helping people was more important than fighting monsters. The Lightspeed Red Ranger followed the rules but knew how to improvise whenever necessary.

Lightspeed Rescue, like most Power Rangers seasons after the Zordon Era, was a standalone story that did not lead right into another show.

If there was a new, risky tech for the Power Rangers to test, Carter would be the first one to use it. The Red Ranger would even use his time off to train and improve his skills, not because of vanity or personal goals, but because he wanted to be the best possible Ranger. Most Red Rangers learned how to be leaders while doing the job, whereas Carter Grayson was ready for the position the moment he was given a Morpher. The Red Ranger was also a fun, caring character that never felt boring.

What Happened To Carter Grayson After Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

The Red Ranger returned a few times

Lightspeed Rescue, like most Power Rangers seasons after the Zordon Era, was a standalone story that did not lead right into another show. Fortunately, Carter Grayson got to return a few times after the end of the series. The entire Lightspeed Rescue cast of characters, including the Titanium Ranger Ryan Mitchell, reunited for a crossover with the Time Force Rangers in “Time for Lightspeed.” Their return was surprising, though, considering the Lightspeed Rangers were no longer Power Rangers by the end of their series. Lore questions aside, Carter would show up again in Wild Force, this time alone.


Power Rangers’ 10 Best Extra Rangers, Ranked

From Mighty Morphin’s Green Ranger to newer characters, Power Rangers’ sixth or additional Rangers are usually the coolest heroes on the show.

Wild Force featured the instant classic Power Rangers crossover “Forever Red.” All previous ten Red Rangers, including Carter, assembled to prevent Lord Zedd’s Serpentera from being brought back from the moon. Carter was the one who recruited the Wild Force Red Ranger and got to team up with some of the show’s legends like Tommy and Andros. Lastly, the Lightspeed Rescue Red Ranger appeared during “The Legendary Battle,” Power Rangers’ 20th-anniversary special. The episode featured Carter Grayson and Dana Mitchell, both of whom were working as first responders and later morphed into Rangers.

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