Phasmophobia: Complete List of Spirit Box Questions That Will Get An Answer

Phasmophobia is very different from other horror games, letting you speak through your microphone through a Spirit Box to see if you can get a spirit to give you complete answers to questions about it. Over one hundred phrases could let you or your friends get vital information about the ghost haunting a map. The unique voice recognition feature is straightforward, but it can be confusing to figure out what to ask.

With around 140 total questions to ask a ghost, you first have to place the Spirit Box in a room where the spirit can be found. When you identify a haunted room in Phasmophobia, you have a variety of ways of drawing an apparition’s attention using other devices in the game. There are several rules tied to what questions you are able to ask, with restrictions ranging from what devices you’re using to where you are on the map.

Many questions depend on your location or what other devices you are using. Not every question needs a communication tool to be answered, especially if you try to ask the same question through different things.


How Phasmophobia Works: Voice Recognition Explained

The Twitch hit Phasmophobia has some truly impressive voice recognition AI. Here’s everything you need to know about how it works in the game.

Every Basic Question & Request to Ask in Phasmophobia

A player uses a Spirit Box in Phasmophobia
There are many questions and requests that you can

ask anywhere, at any time
, to receive an answer from a lingering spirit within

. These are incredibly short phrases that you can shout into your microphone as long as you are within the space the ghost is haunting. These brief statements include:

  1. Anybody here?
  2. Anybody in the room?
  3. Anybody with us?
  4. Are you angry?
  5. Are you a boy?
  6. Are you a child?
  7. Are you a girl?
  8. Are you a woman?
  9. Are you close?
  10. Are you female?
  11. Are you friendly?
  12. Are you here?
  13. Are you male?
  14. Are you male or female?
  15. Are you old?
  16. Are you with us?
  17. Are you young?
  18. Can we help?
  19. Can you give me your name?
  20. Can you show yourself?
  21. Can you talk?
  22. Do you want to hurt us?
  23. Do you want us here?
  24. Do you want us to leave?
  25. Give us a sign!
  26. Hello?
  27. How old are you?
  28. How young are you?
  29. Is anyone here?
  30. Is there a ghost here?
  31. Is there a spirit here?
  32. Let us know you are here.
  33. Shall we leave?
  34. Should we leave?
  35. Show yourself!
  36. Speak to us!
  37. What are you?
  38. What is your age?
  39. What is your gender?
  40. What is your location?
  41. What is your name?
  42. What do you want?
  43. What should we do?
  44. When were you born?
  45. Where are you?
  46. Who am I talking to?
  47. Who are we talking to?
  48. Who are you?
  49. Who is this?
  50. Why are you here?

Keep in mind that some of these questions are better to ask when you or your team is trying to figure out what type of ghost is present. For example, if the map was haunted by the Mimic in Phasmophobia, some general requests give you a clue that reveals the kind of spirit. This will help you figure out what to do next to properly exorcise whatever supernatural force exists during a match.

Those wondering what ghosts sound like when you ask them a question can watch a very helpful video from YouTube creator Nuzzgard to see demonstrations of the game’s voice recognition at work.

Every Spirit Box Question & Request to Ask in Phasmophobia

A player uses a Spirit Box in Phasmophobia

Once you have the Spirit Box set up in a room, the ghost is haunting, and you unlock a new set of questions and requests you can ask. Depending on the situation, you should learn more about a spirit’s origin or disposition. Similar to the

Ouija Board in Phasmophobia
, the highly specific inquiries you can make here are tailored to get answers that have a better chance of helping you or your team.

It’s best to ask questions based on your or your team’s circumstances and not just ask things randomly from your new list of requests. You may only have a limited time to ask since the ghost is already dangerous when you place the Spirit Box in the room they occupy the most. The new questions or demands available to you are:

  1. Are there any ghosts?
  2. Are you happy?
  3. Are you here all the time?
  4. Are you male or female?
  5. Are you the only one here?
  6. Are you waiting?
  7. Can I ask you?
  8. Can we speak?
  9. Can you make a sound?
  10. Can you speak?
  11. Can you speak to us?
  12. Do something.
  13. Do you know who we are?
  14. Do you want us to leave?
  15. Fright.
  16. Frighten.
  17. Give us a sign.
  18. Hide.
  19. Horror.
  20. I am scared/I’m scared.
  21. Is there anyone here?
  22. Is there anyone with me?
  23. Is there anything I can do?
  24. Knock.
  25. Knock something.
  26. Make a noise.
  27. Make a sound.
  28. May I ask you?
  29. Open a door.
  30. Open the door.
  31. Open this door.
  32. Panic.
  33. Run.
  34. Scared.
  35. Scary.
  36. Scream.
  37. Show me.
  38. Show us.
  39. Show us your presence.
  40. Spooky.
  41. Talk to me.
  42. Talk to us.
  43. Throw something.
  44. Turn off the light.
  45. Turn on the light.
  46. We are friends.
  47. We mean you no harm.
  48. We would like to speak to you.
  49. We would like to speak with you.
  50. Would you like to talk?

Many questions in general areas or through the Spirit Box will be met with incoherent words or background noises in Phasmophobia. The more activity the Box has, the better the response from the ghost haunting the location. There are several ways for you or your team to track down which spots on a map are the most haunted, usually within a certain room with the largest supernatural activity.

The recent Apocalypse update to the game has changed how spirits speak and attack, making it trickier to find the answers you want to your questions. New maps have also made it harder to find precise locations where you need to use the Spirit Box.

Those looking to pull from a complete list of Spirit Box questions to get the best answer should study how Phasmophobia has changed through the game’s official Steam page.

Source: Nuzzgard/YouTube, Steam

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