Persona 5 Tactica: How to Unlock New Game+ (& Everything That Carries Over)

Many Persona 5 Tactica players have been wondering whether a New Game+ option will be available at the end of the game, and the answer is yes. However, unlike most games, it won’t be titled New Game+, which may need to be clarified, as in this game, the option is titled Cleared Data. Cleared Data is the New Game+ mode that becomes available only after you’ve completed the entire narrative.

Following the credits, the New Game+ option will appear and will load up a fresh start with certain stats carrying over. You should know that the content will remain the same as the original playthrough of Persona 5 Tactica. It’s recommended you increase the difficulty level, especially since you will begin with better skills and stats, as this is the best way to create a slightly new experience that won’t feel repetitive.

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Everything That Carries Over To New Game+ In Persona 5 Tactica

After completing the campaign, which is estimated to take around 20 hours, players will be prompted with a notice stating they have unlocked Cleared Data that can be saved. Loading this will bring players back to the beginning of Persona 5 Tactica, but this time, they will begin the story with all of their final stats from the first playthrough and something special in the Report. Note that this works as a save file, so don’t override any other save data you would like to keep.

As for what exactly carries over into New Game+, you can expect a majority of what was also transferable into New Game+ in Persona 5 Royal, including:

  • Personas & Persona Fusions
  • Weapons & Weapon Fusions
  • Skill Tree Unlocks
  • Money
  • GP

If you have also completed the Paint Your Heart DLC, Kasumi Yoshizawa (Violet) and Goro Akechi (Crow) will also be playable in New Game+. However, they will not affect the main story or have any unique dialogue.

The only thing that will not carry over is any story-related content. Certain characters will still need to be re-unlocked, and all side missions must be unlocked. Though nothing changes in the game while completing New Game+, players will have the chance to grind for more GP and enjoy exclusive art, including concept art for Persona 5 Tactica, which includes original character design concepts and more.

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