Morgan Must Return In Rick Grimes’ Walking Dead Spinoff Show For 3 Major Reasons


  • Morgan’s return in “The Ones Who Live” would bring The Walking Dead’s story full circle, as he was the very first survivor Rick met and played a significant role in his journey.
  • Morgan’s presence in the spinoff would add optimism and a much-needed feeling of belief to the gritty and bleak tone of the series, making him one of Rick’s closest allies once again.
  • Morgan reuniting with Rick and the main group would validate his character arc and meaningful ending in Fear The Walking Dead, especially considering his goal of finding Rick and Alexandria with his daughter by his side.

Morgan Jones must return to The Walking Dead in Rick’s spinoff after completing his Fear The Walking Dead story. With Fear The Walking Dead officially officially over, Morgan will not return to the spinoff, but he should make his return to the franchise through The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live. The long-awaited return of Rick Grimes will already be accompanied by Michonne’s return in the spinoff, but it is also the perfect opportunity to bring Morgan back to the main group. Given that he is one of the longest-surviving characters in The Walking Dead, it makes sense to reunite him with the central characters.

He has been in and out of the main show several times, before finally becoming a mainstay in Fear The Walking Dead. These constant returns risk making his eventual comeback to the main story a little underwhelming; however, Morgan’s long-standing relationship with Rick would likely prevent this. The two are overdue a reunion and the confirmation that Fear The Walking Dead is finished means Morgan is far less likely to leave once again. An official return would be exciting, especially with the addition of his daughter, and a surprise appearance in The Ones Who Live feels like the best chance for the franchise to bring him back.

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live will premiere on February 25, 2024, on AMC and AMC+.

Morgan’s Return Would Truly Bring The Walking Dead’s Story Full Circle

Bringing Morgan back in The Ones Who Live would bring The Walking Dead‘s story full circle. Morgan was the very first survivor Rick met in the show, with Morgan helping assist the protagonist in his journey to find his family. His screen time in season 1 may have been limited, but Morgan had a big impact on Rick’s life. Rick was vulnerable at the start of the apocalypse, and it was Morgan who introduced him to the new world and gave him some valuable survival tips. Morgan’s appearance would bring the story full circle, potentially helping Rick escape the CRM and once again assisting the show’s main character.

While Rick Grimes’ Walking Dead return will be dark, Morgan could offer some more optimism to the series. The tone of The Ones Who Live looks gritty and bleak. This would be reminiscent of Rick’s last proper Walking Dead story involving the Saviors and Negan. Rick once again being at another group’s mercy could make the spinoff too dark for its own good. Michonne’s inclusion will help lift the tone a little, but Morgan is the key to adding a much-needed feeling of belief to The Ones Who Live. Reuniting with Rick would provide a feel-good factor to the spinoff and once again make Morgan one of Rick’s closest allies.

A Return Would Make Morgan’s Fear The Walking Dead Ending More Meaningful

Morgan returning to the franchise would make his Fear The Walking Dead ending more meaningful. While going to a spinoff show may have felt like a step-down for the long-serving character, he managed to have a much bigger part and character arc in the show. Away from the main series, Morgan was able to find love, overcome his demons, and have a daughter. He had previously suffered with his conflict between pacifism and intense rage, finally finding a balance in Fear The Walking Dead while raising a child in the process. This was some of his best character work throughout the franchise, but he now has a new goal.

In the midseason finale of Fear The Walking Dead, Morgan went to find Rick and Alexandria with his daughter by his side. This ending would be made even more powerful if Morgan did actually find his old friend in The Ones Who Live. After going through so much away from the main characters, returning to them with a daughter would be an emotional moment. It would also justify Morgan once again leaving behind a group of people he cares about. Reuniting Morgan with Rick, Michonne, and other important characters, validates his Fear The Walking Dead ending and lets his daughter meet some of his most significant allies.

Morgan & Rick Grimes Have Unfinished Business After Morgan’s TWD Exit

Lennie James as Morgan and Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes

The departure of Morgan from the main Walking Dead series leaves Rick and Morgan with unfinished business. Considering the two essentially started the apocalypse together, it only makes sense they’d reunite. Morgan leaving the main group in the way that he did can’t be how his storyline with the core survivors ends. Morgan doesn’t get the same emotional send-off as many other characters and doesn’t even get an on-screen farewell with Rick. His subtle departure from the group means he has to make amends with Rick and the group, which he essentially confesses to in Fear The Walking Dead.

As Morgan’s current goal is to find Rick and Alexandria, he has to achieve this to truly make things right with Rick. Although he appeared to be in a better place in the season 8 finale, Morgan didn’t witness Rick truly reform from his vengeance-fueled battle with Negan. Both characters have had a massive impact on the other’s lives, and the two reuniting is needed for both of their stories. A reunion with Morgan is still critical to completing Rick’s story, despite other possible reunions. Rick’s spinoff is where Morgan’s Walking Dead future should lie, and the two becoming allies once again deserves to be part of The Ones Who Lives‘ story.

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