Monarch Season 1 Ending & Surprise Cameo Explained By Creators

Co-creators Chris Black and Matt Fraction explain the action-packed ending of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters season 1 and that surprising cameo.

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Warning! Spoilers ahead for the Monarch: Legacy Of Monsters Season 1 Finale

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters co-creators Chris Black and Matt Fraction explain the show’s surprising ending and cameo. Serving as the latest installment of Legendary’s Monsterverse, the Apple TV Plus series chronicles the history of Monarch and the ways in which the organization weaves itself into the lives of characters like Cate (Anna Sawai), Lee Shaw (Kurt and Wyatt Russell), May (Kiersey Clemons), and Kentaro (Ren Watabe). After an action-packed few episodes, the Monarch: Legacy of Monsters finale jumps forward two years in time and concludes with a surprise appearance from Kong himself.

Now, as audiences await news on the Monarch: Legacy of Monsters season 2 renewal, Black and Fraction discuss the season 1 ending during a recent interview with While careful not to reveal their plans for the show’s future, it sounds like Kong could certainly be a part of a potential follow-up season. Check out the comments from Black and Fraction below:

Chris Black: “We don’t have an order for a second season but we’re optimistic, there is more story to tell here. The short answer is that the MonsterVerse has a lot of monsters in it. We focused on Godzilla as the center character of season one, because it was the monster of Cate’s nightmares.

“There is a large cast of characters in the Toho universe and Kong is very important to the current crop of Legendary movies. I can’t speak as to what that potential story might be, but Kong is a character we want to bring into our world for sure.”

Matt Fraction: “There’s a jump, it’s two years later in that last scene so MonsterVerse scholars and aficionados will be able to track what’s happening in our show with the movies. We went into this show knowing that it’s Legacy of Monsters’ plural, rather than ‘Legacy of Monster’. There’s a lot of great characters that we haven’t spent time with, so we thought we’d go out with the tallest leading man in Hollywood.”

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