Minecraft: The Best Level For Iron In 2023

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Finding Iron in Minecraft 1.20 isn’t particularly tricky, as Iron Ore is abundant at various levels. However, Minecraft generates worlds and resources in a way that makes targeted resource mining viable. Players searching for vast quantities of Iron and Iron Ore should target specific Y Levels, focusing on areas below ground, to maximize their resource gain.

According to Minecraft Wiki, iron ore is generated at high levels between levels 80 and 384 and at low levels between levels -24 and 72. However, when generating seeds, the game splits the world into chunks: segments that are 16 blocks high and 16 blocks wide. Ore generation in Minecraft depends on chunks, and Iron Ore is much more common in certain chunks and levels.

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The Best Y Levels For Iron In Minecraft 1.20

The game attempts to generate Iron Ore in different batches during world generation:

  • 90 times per chunk in Y Levels 80 to 384.
  • 10 times per chunk in Y Levels -24 to -56.
  • 10 times per chunk in Y Levels -64 to -72

However, this doesn’t mean you should focus on the higher levels where Iron Ore tends to be generated most often. Although mining mountains and cliffsides is a great way to find nodes of Iron Ore, many of the levels in the 80-384 range are empty sky with little to no actual terrain. As such, the best approach is to focus on those underground layers, similar to the approach you’d take when mining the best level for Diamonds.

You will find a lot of Iron Ore in the -24 to -56 range, where the game tends to generate bigger blobs of Iron Ore. These are the best levels for finding Iron consistently and in large quantities in Minecraft. It’s worth noting that the game generates a lot of Iron Ore per chunk, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding it.

In Minecraft Java Edition, you can check your Y coordinate by pressing F3. Minecraft Bedrock Edition players can display their coordinates by toggling the option in settings.

How To Use Iron In Minecraft 1.20Minecraft Birch Wood House With Iron Anvil, Blast Furnace And Armor Frame With Iron Armor And Sword

Iron is essentially your go-to resource for crafting in Minecraft and is used in a few dozen crafting recipes:


Item Type

Anvil, Blast Furnace, Cauldron, Crafter, Hopper, Smithing Table, Stonecutter

Utility crafting blocks

Block of Iron, Chain, Iron Bars

Decorative blocks/items

Bucket, Compass, Flint and Steel, Shears

Utility items

Activator Rail, Detector Rail, Heavy Weighted Pressure Plate, Iron Trapdoor, Iron Door, Minecart, Piston, Rail, Tripwire Hook

Redstone components/transport

Iron Axe, Iron Hoe, Iron Pickaxe, Iron Shovel


Crossbow, Iron Sword


Iron Boots, Iron Chestplate, Iron Helmet, Iron Leggings, Shield


Iron serves as a standard, reliable mineral for making weapons and armor. Since it’s much more abundant than Diamonds, you will likely rely on Iron a lot while searching for rarer resources. It has a few other uses and can be traded with Villagers for useful items and resources.

Players aiming for a constant supply of Iron should check out the video below, where YouTube creator Voltrox demonstrates a quick and easy way to set up a Minecraft iron farm.

Luckily, you’ll find lots of Iron even if you’re not searching specifically for it, as it’s a ubiquitous resource. You will find more than enough Iron for your Minecraft crafting needs during normal play if you’re willing to make a few expeditions underground.

Source: Minecraft Wiki, Voltrox/YouTube

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