Married At First Sight Season 11: Are Miles & Karen Still Together?


  • Karen and Miles’ relationship was initially seen as a perfect match on Married at First Sight, but things changed in 2021 when they canceled a trip and fans grew concerned.
  • Karen confirmed in August 2023 that she had split from Miles, citing his lack of accountability in the relationship as a major factor in their breakup.
  • Karen has moved on and is enjoying her flashy lifestyle, sharing her adventures and focusing on her fitness. Meanwhile, Miles is content and focused on his role as an educator and improving his mental wellness.

Miles Williams and Karen Landry’s relationship has significantly changed since appearing on Married at First Sight season 11. The season was released in 2020 and featured notable couples like Amelia Fatski and Bennett Kirschner, Olivia Cornu and Brett Lindsey, Amani Smith and Woody Randall, and many more. Season 11’s most popular cast members were Karen and Miles, who seemed to be a match made in heaven. They had similar goals and interests, which helped them continue their marriage regardless of the skepticism from some doubters.

Miles and Karen had a respectable relationship early on. They traveled together and shared photos of their adventures with their followers. However, something changed in 2021 when the couple canceled their trip to Punta Cana. At the time, Miles took to his social media and announced that he wouldn’t be going through with the plans due to his mental health struggles. He added that he wanted to spend some months focusing on his well-being. As expected, fans knew something was wrong and shared their concerns.

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Miles & Karen Aren’t Together

In August 2023, Karen confirmed she and Miles had split. She appeared in a YouTube video and said (via Collider), “nobody wants to talk about divorce,” revealing that her marriage was over. Karen admitted that Miles broke up with her and added she was “still recovering.” She explained that she and Miles struggled for a while before they ended their relationship. Karen also implied that Miles’ lack of effort in accountability in the relationship was a big cause of their break up. She talked about canceled trips and how it affected them.

What Karen Is Up To In 2023?

Karen moved on from Miles in the latter half of 2023. She calls herself “killa k” and posts about her new flashy lifestyle on Instagram. The Louisiana native loves visiting cool locations, traveling, and dining. She also likes to spend time with her friends, having drinks and chilling out. Karen has been focusing on her wellness over the last few months as well. In October 2023, she shared a video revealing her diet and workout routine. She was all toned up and had the post-breakup glow that highlighted she was happier than ever.

What Is Miles Focussing On In 2023?

Miles also seems much more content after ending his relationship with Karen. He refers to himself as a “dreamer,” “revolutionary principal,” and a “mental wellness advocate,” on Instagram. He’s busy being an educator and inspiring the younger generation. Miles appears to have a much better mental state since moving on from his ex. In November 2023, he posted a photo of himself discussing his role in his community. He said, “being a school leader is pushing me to be a healthier version of myself every day.” The Married at First Sight season 11 alum claimed he’s working on managing his stress and focus.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on Lifetime.

Sources: Collider, Karen Landry/Instagram, Miles Williams/Instagram

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