Lion-O Makes Franchises History as ThunderCats’ New Series Begins


  • Lion-O claims the Sword of Omens for the first time in the new Thundercats comic series by Dynamite Entertainment.
  • The previews show Lion-O’s struggle to become a responsible leader and prove his worthiness to use the sword.
  • The new series takes a “year one” approach, showing the Thundercats’ arrival on Third Earth and the events that shaped Lion-O into the character fans know and love.

Lion-O claims the Sword of Omens for the first time as the Thundercats make their triumphant return to comics. One of the most popular toy lines of the 1980s, Thundercats has proven to have a long shelf life. Since the original cartoon and toy line ended, Thundercats has made several comebacks. Now, Dynamite Entertainment is releasing a new ongoing series taking fans back to the franchise’s roots.

Dynamite Entertainment has shared two previews of Thundercats #1, which will be written by Declan Shalvey and drawn by Drew Moss. The first preview, shared with AIPT, shows Lion-O and Panthro debating the Sword of Omens.

Lion-O is eager to use it, but Panthro is not sure if he is ready. This frustrates Lion-O, who takes his leave.

The second preview, shared with Comic Book Resources, shows the Thundercats arriving at Third Earth, as well as Lion-O training with Panthro.

This preview shows Lion-O actually using the sword, but there is still doubt in the air over whether he is truly worthy of using it.

The Thundercats’ Time Has Come Again

The early to mid-1980s saw an explosion in the action figure market. Lines such as GI JOE, Masters of the Universe and Transformers forever altered the industry. They used, in addition to usual advertising venues, 30-minute cartoons to further sell their products. Toy manufacturer LJN unveiled the first wave of their Thundercats line in 1985 to great success, and a cartoon shortly followed. While some toy lines from the 1980s fell by the wayside, the Thundercats continue to entertain. DC Comics recently held the license to produce Thundercats comics, but now Dynamite Entertainment has acquired it, and is hitting the ground running with a new first issue.

While DC held the Thundercats license, they published a crossover with He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

Dynamite’s new Thundercats are taking a “year one” approach to the franchise, showing their arrival on the mysterious Third Earth. From there, the previews show Lion-O struggling to become the great leader he is destined to be. He is eager to lead, but is still learning to be responsible. Lion-O is particularly eager to finally start using the Sword of Omens. This powerful weapon was bequeathed to Lion-O by his mentor Jaga. The Sword is one of the most powerful weapons in the universe, able to give its user deep insights into their foes and the situations they find themselves in. The Sword is Lion-O’s signature weapon.


He-Man & Thundercats Are Secretly Connected by a Shared Continuity

He-Man and the Thundercats were created as competitors, but their official crossover revealed they’re fighting the same dark gods.

Dynamite Entertainment is Taking the Thundercats Back to Where It All Began

The Characters of ThunderCats 2011.

And now fans get to see Lion-O wield the Sword of Omens for the very first time, stressing the book’s “back to basics” approach. In addition to seeing Lion-O’s first time with the Sword, fans will more importantly get to see the events that will shape him into the Lion-O fans know and love. They will also see the Thundercats team come together, and while he is absent from the previews, Mumm-Ra is not far behind. The Thundercats are on the move once again, with a new series from Dynamite Entertainment, one that promises to explore the character’s early years.

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Thundercats #1 is on sale February 7 from Dynamite Entertainment!