Kurama’s Fox Form In Yu Yu Hakusho Explained: Why He Looks So Different & How Powerful He Is

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Netflix’s Yu Yu Hakusho.


  • Kurama’s ultimate form is revealed in episode 4 of Netflix’s Yu Yu Hakusho, featuring long silver hair, fox ears, and a tail.
  • Kurama is a fox demon inhabiting a human body and can transform into his original form at any time.
  • Kurama’s demon form is far more powerful than his human one.

Kurama goes through a major transformation in Netflix’s Yu Yu Hakusho episode 4, with the character becoming both physically different and stronger than before. While Yusuke Urameshi is the protagonist, Yu Yu Hakusho’s cast of characters consists of many fascinating heroes and anti-heroes. One of those is Kurama, played in the live-action show by Jun Shison.

Among the many differences between the Yu Yu Hakusho live-action and the anime is how much quicker Kurama and Hiei were introduced. The two demons had a cameo at the end of episode 1, and by episode 5, they had already formed a strong bond with Yusuke. Yu Yu Hakusho’s ending episodes also featured Kurama’s final form, which the character used to defeat Karasu.

Kurama Is A Fox Demon Inhabiting A Human’s Body

The Silver-Haired Look Is His Original One

During his fight against Karasu in the live-action Yu Yu Hakusho series, Kurama enters a new form that sees him in white clothes and spotting long silver hair, fox ears, and a tale. Considering that, unlike the anime, Netflix’s Yu Yu Hakusho did not show flashbacks from Kurama’s origins, seeing his ultimate form may have come as a surprise for many. Kurama is not human, and while his original form does indeed resemble that of a human, he is a fox spirit. After he was severely wounded in battle, Kurama decided to combine his soul with that of an unborn child.

As a result, Kurama reincarnated in the form of a human. While the yokai planned to return to the demon world once his body was strong enough, he grew attached to his human family, namely his mother, Shiori Minamino. Even though Kurama reincarnated in a human body, he was still a demon and could transform into his original form at any time. In both the manga and the anime, it was only during the Dark Tournament saga that Kurama’s fox look was fully revealed. In the live-action series, which skipped the Dark Tournament but featured the Kurava vs. Karasu fight, Kurama’s silver form appears in episode 4.

How Powerful Is Kurama’s Demon Fox Form?

He quickly defeated Karasu after transforming

Kurama's true form fights Karasu in Yu Yu Hakusho episode 4

Kurama’s demon form is far more powerful than his human one, and this difference in power can be quantified. In Yu Yu Hakusho’s anime power level system, particularly during the Three Kings saga, Kurama’s stamina is measured as being 8,902 when he is in his human form. However, once Kurama enters his fox state, his stamina grows to 152,000 – almost 20 times stronger. Of course, the power level system from the anime cannot be necessarily applied to the live-action. Still, in the live-action, Kurama was struggling against Karasu. However, once the demon version of the character showed up, the fight was easily resolved.

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