“I’ll Never Say Never”: Marvel Offers Hope That Spider-Man’s Most Hated Story Can Still Be Reversed


  • Marvel occasionally hints at the possibility of reversing the controversial “One More Day” storyline, despite their long-standing refusal to do so.
  • A recent comment by Spider-Man Editor Nick Lowe obliquely indicates that there are still factions within the company who would like to see the story reversed.
  • The reboot of Ultimate Spider-Man will give fans the opportunity to see a happily married Peter and Mary Jane, albeit in an alternate universe.

2007’s “One More Day” remains perhaps the most singularly infamous Spider-Man storyline of all-time, making it by extension one of Marvel’s most controversial editorial decisions in nearly a century at the forefront of the comic book industry. While the company has held steadfast against reversing the story for years, it can’t help but tease the possibility every now and then.

Amazing Spider-Man #39 – written by Zeb Wells, with art by John Romita Jr., ink by Scott Hanna, color by Marcio Menyz, and lettering by Joe Caramagna – contains the latest such tease in its letters page, as Editor Nick Lowe mitigated fan anticipation for “One More Day” being reversed, while in the same sentence refusing to rule it out entirely.

This response is emblematic of Marvel’s long-term stance on “One More Day,” which erased the long-standing marriage between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson from continuity. Almost universally disliked by Spider-Man fans, the storyline – and Marvel’s determination not to undo it – has hung over the franchise for years.

Marvel May Not See The Benefit In Reversing “One More Day”

Marvel has perennially wanted fans to accept that the story would not be reversed, while also obliquely cultivating the idea that reversal would be an “if-not-when” situation. Editor Nick Lowe’s comment in the letters section of Amazing Spider-Man #39 is particularly interesting, given how he phrases his response to a question about reversing the controversial storyline: “As for ‘One More Day,’ we have mostly moved on, and I wouldn’t hold my breath for an undo any time soon, but I’ll never say never.” In particularly, his indication that those within Marvel have “mostly moved on” makes it clear there is still a faction that would like to see the story reversed.

While this offers only slim hope to long-time readers yearning for the story to be erased, it is an insight into how the story is perceived at Marvel. It is likely the consensus is that too much time has passed for there to be a storytelling benefit to reversing the consequences of “One More Day.” The decision to erase Peter and Mary Jane’s marriage was intended – for good or ill – to create more storytelling opportunities for the characters. Reversing the story after all this time, and restoring their marriage, would make that the unmitigated centerpiece of all Spider-Man stories moving forward, something Marvel isn’t prepared to do.

The New Ultimate Spider-Man Gives Peter And Mary Jane More Time

Featured Image: Meet the Parkers Ultimate Spider-Man Family Teaser

Peter and Mary Jane may very well fall in love once more, but their original marriage may very well be one thing in the Marvel Universe that cannot be resurrected. Meanwhile, the recently announced reboot of Ultimate Spider-Man is set to give fans what they have missed out on in the post-“One More Day” era: a happily married Peter and Mary Jane Parker, raising two children, while Peter continues his great responsibilities as Spider-Man. One of the final emotional gutpunches of “One More Day” was the appearance of the daughter the Parkers would never have – now readers will get the Ultimate take on that character as well.

“One More Day” was controversial for a number of its storytelling decisions beyond just its final, magical annulment of Peter and Mary Jane’s marriage – but that decision will always stand out, especially to those who champion the relationship between the two as a core tenant of Spider-Man lore. Jonathan Hickman’s new Ultimate Spider-Man will give a version of the couple back the time they lost. Hickman’s portrayal of the couple will exist in the context of this, at least, while fans of the classic Spider-Man cling to any flicker of hope the timeline will be reset once more.

The Amazing Spider-Man (2022) #39 is available now from Marvel Comics.

The Amazing Spider-Man (2022) #39

cover for Amazing Spider-Man #39 by John Romita Jr

  • Writer: Zeb Wells
  • Artist: John Romita, Jr.
  • Inker: Scott Hanna
  • Colorist: Marcio Menyz
  • Letterer: Joe Caramagna
  • Cover Artist: John Romita, Jr.