How To Train Your Dragon’s Live-Action Astrid & Hiccup Bond In New BTS Image


  • The behind-the-scenes image showcases the bond between the live-action Astrid and Hiccup actors on the set of
    How To Train Your Dragon
  • The success of the live-action reboot will rely on the onscreen relationship between Hiccup and the dragon Toothless.
  • It remains to be seen if the live-action Toothless can capture the same appeal and energy as the animated counterpart and if the actor can deliver a convincing performance alongside a computer-generated dragon.

A new behind-the-scenes image from the set of How To Train Your Dragon offers a glimpse of the bond between the movie’s live-action Astrid and Hiccup. Based on the children’s books penned by Cressida Cowell, Dreamwork’s How To Train Your Dragon franchise began with the 2010 animated movie and would eventually grow to encompass two sequels, multiple short films, and three spinoff television shows. A live-action reboot of the property was announced in February 2023, with filming officially underway in January this year.

Taking to Instagram, Hiccup actor Mason Thames shared a candid photo of himself with his Astrid co-star Nico Parker on location in Northern Ireland. Check out the image below:

Wishing his co-star well on the eve of the US release of her coming-of-age movie Suncoast, the image offers a spectacular glimpse of the seabound cliffs that will serve as the backdrop for the live-action How To Train Your Dragon movie.

Why Astrid & Hiccup Won’t Be How To Train Your Dragon’s Most Important Onscreen Relationship

Hiccup looks affectionately at Astrid in How To Train Your Dragon 3

While the behind-the-scenes bond between Thames and Parker bodes well for the How To Train Your Dragon live-action reboot, the success of the upcoming remake will ultimately hinge on a far more important onscreen relationship. Expected to follow many of the same story beats as the original 2010 animated movie, it will be Thames’ relationship with the dragon Toothless that will underpin the movie and determine whether the reboot lives up to the overwhelming success of the original.


How To Train Your Dragon Has The Power To Be The Best Live-Action Remake Yet Thanks To 1 Key Factor

How to Train Your Dragon will be another live-action remake, but a key factor means DreamWorks has the power to create something truly special.

Likely to be brought to life using the same kind of cutting-edge CGI special effects that Universal has relied on for the blockbuster movies in the Jurassic World franchise, viewers are still yet to get their first glimpse of the movie’s titular Night Fury. As such, it is not clear whether director Dean DeBlois and his crew will be able to imbue the live-action Toothless with the same widespread appeal and charismatic energy as his animated counterpart.

Moreover, Thames will be faced with the difficult task of being able to deliver a convincing performance that leads audiences to buy into his growing affection for a computer-generated dragon. With How To Train Your Dragon previously adapted into a stage show featuring an impressive array of lifelike animatronic creatures, it is also possible the movie could borrow or replicate some practical stand-ins for Thames to act against while on set. Hopefully, Thames will be able to make audiences believe his version of Toothless is just as loveable as the one that audiences were first introduced to in 2010.

Source: Mason Thames/Instagram

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