How To Break Large Ice Blocks In Disney Dreamlight Valley

To complete Elsa’s Friendship Quest “The Singing Ice,” players must upgrade their pickaxe to break large ice blocks in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Elsa will ask you to remove large Ice Blocks during the Friendship Quest “The Singing Ice” in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The Ice Blocks in Elsa’s Ice Cavern are fairly large, and to remove them, you will need to upgrade your Pickaxe. Else suggests using a special spell-infused concoction called the Cold of Winter Potion so that the Pickaxe can easily remove the Ice Blocks.

The Cold of Winter potion requires a bit of effort to craft as it requires four ingredients. One of the four ingredients requires multiple resources and can be slightly time-consuming to acquire. The other three ingredients are fairly easy to find as they are located in one biome. To get started, head into the Ice Cavern, accessible via the entrance on the northern side of the Forest of Valor. The mouth of the cave is distinguishable by its dark purple color and the large ice block sitting near it.


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How To Remove Large Ice Blocks In Disney Dreamlight Valley

A Large Ice Block and Elsa Standing at the Entrance of her Ice Cavern in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The first ingredient to craft the Cold of Winter potions is Ice Chunks. You will need 5x Ice Chunks from the Ice Cavern itself. If you enter the icy grotto after initiating this part of “The Singing Ice” Friendship Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can spot sparkling nodes on the frozen floor. Simply collect these nodes so that you have at least five Ice Chunks.

The next ingredient you will need to get is Snow. You can collect Snow from the snowy forests of Frosted Heights. They look like Snowballs and are found around the environment. You can easily find Snow in the first half of the Frosted Heights. You will need to collect 3x Snow, which shouldn’t be too hard to do.

The third ingredient, Vial of Freezing Water, is not the hardest ingredient to acquire. You will need to go to a remote pond near the biome’s southeastern corner. The fourth and final ingredient, the Icy Bouquet, requires a bit more time and effort as you will need to craft this item using three flowers. According to the YouTube channel GosuNoob, these three can be found in the following locations:



White Daisy

Peaceful Meadow

Red Falling Penstemon


Pink Bromeliad

Sunlit Plateau

After gathering all the necessary ingredients, use the workbench to craft the Cold of Winter Potion. Deliver the potion to Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s Elsa to upgrade the Pickaxe and return to the Ice Cavern to break the large Ice Blocks.

Source: GosuNoob/YouTube

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