How Many Episodes Marry My Husband Will Have & When They Release


  • Marry My Husband is a K-drama based on a webtoon that follows the story of Kang Ji-won, who wakes up in 2013 after she died in 2023 and has the chance to rewrite her fate.
  • The show airs two episodes every week, with each episode ending on a cliffhanger, keeping viewers hooked. The episodes are around 60 minutes long and feel like their own movies.
  • Marry My Husband will have a total of 16 episodes, with the finale airing on February 20. The show follows a weekly release strategy, with new episodes on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Prime Video’s Marry My Husband releases two episodes every week, with each new chapter of this 2024 K-drama adding more pieces to the puzzle surrounding Kang Ji-won’s story ahead of the long-awaited finale. One of many great K-dramas based on a webtoon, Marry My Husband is a story about second chances. Following her death in 2023, Ji-won (Park Min-young) mysteriously woke up in 2013 and eventually realized she could rewrite her fate. Marry My Husband’s revenge story is both intriguing and exciting, especially because Ji-won knows exactly what to do now that she is living a second life.

Even though Ji-won knows what will happen in the future and can use this knowledge to change her life, things are more complicated than they seem. This includes her relationship with Yoo Ji-hyuk (Na In-woo), who likes her but seems to hide a few secrets. Marry My Husband has been a great show to kick off the list of K-dramas releasing in 2024, although having to wait for new episodes can be difficult given just how good they are.

Marry My Husband Will Have 16 Episodes In Total

Similar to other K-dramas broadcasted weekly, Marry My Husband will run for 16 episodes. The show, whose first two episodes premiered on January 1 and January 2, respectively, is based on a webtoon and is expected to cover all of the source material within 16 episodes. Marry My Husband airs two episodes every week, on Mondays and Tuesdays, with a simultaneous streaming release on Prime Video. Assuming the Park Min-young-led K-drama won’t change its release schedule, Marry My Husband’s finale will air on Tuesday, February 20. Whether Marry My Husband season 2 will happen remains to be seen.

Considering how every Marry My Husband episode ends on a cliffhanger, it is good news that the show airs two episodes back to back every week. More recently, some of the best Korean dramas have been released in a binge format, with entire seasons available to stream all at once. However, most K-dramas still follow a weekly release strategy, namely the ones that are broadcast on TV first before arriving on streaming platforms. As with most Korean dramas, Marry My Husband’s episodes are usually 60 minutes long, with each of them feeling like their own movie.

Marry My Husband’s Upcoming Episodes Schedule

Park Min-young as Kang Ji-won in Marry My Husband episode 3

As Ji-won’s story continues to unfold and important questions begin to be answered, the anticipation for new Marry My Husband episodes could not be higher. Fortunately, viewers get to see new chapters of Prime Video’s time travel K-drama every Monday and Tuesday. Marry My Husband will have run for eight weeks by the time the finale airs, with the K-drama spanning around 16 hours in total. Marry My Husband episode 7 will be released on Monday, January 22, with the finale airing four and a half weeks later on February 20. The show’s complete episode schedule is as follows:

Marry My Husband’s Next Episodes

Release Date


January 22, 2024


January 23, 2024


January 29, 2024


January 30, 2024


February 5, 2024


February 6, 2024


February 12, 2024


February 13, 2024


February 19, 2024


February 20, 2024

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Marry My Husband

Release Date
January 1, 2024

Park Min-young , Na In-woo , Lee Yi-kyung , Song Ha-yoon


Shin Yoo-dam , Park Won-guk , Han Jin-seon , Sung So-jak