How 22 Jump Street’s Best Scene Was Made Funnier By 1 Channing Tatum Suggestion


  • Channing Tatum’s suggestion to run all over the building made the Schmidt and Captain Dickson confrontation scene funnier and more impactful.
  • The ability of the actors to improvise and have fun during the production process contributed to the success of 22 Jump Street.
  • Despite plans for a sequel and spinoffs, the future of the 21 Jump Street franchise remains uncertain.

22 Jump Street co-director Christopher Miller reveals a key suggestion from Channing Tatum that made its best scene so memorable. The sequel’s most well-known scene involved Jenko (Channing Tatum) figuring out that Schmidt (Jonah Hill) hooked up with Captain Dickson’s (Ice Cube) daughter. He puts two and two together after seeing Schmidt wearing a bulletproof vest and Dickson addressing the elephant in the room. This prompts Jenko to walk around the office to tell everyone about it, turning into one of the most hilarious scenes from the movie.

On Twitter, Miller revealed one suggestion that made the scene what it is today. Check it out below:

Responding to a tweet from a user who expressed his love for Tatum’s performance while posting the said scene, Miller stated that Tatum suggested that he would run all over the building of Dickson’s office to tell everyone about the news if it would indeed take place in that setting.

Why 22 Jump Street Still Holds Up Ten Years Later

This year, 22 Jump Street will be celebrating its tenth anniversary. Released on June 13, 2014, the movie was a massive critical and commercial success, grossing over $331.3 million at the box office and highly regarded as one of the best comedy sequels of the last decade. With a lot of distance since its release, the film still holds up surprisingly well and is often cited as the superior installment to 21 Jump Street.


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22 Jump Street is a 2014 sequel that managed the rare feat of being superior to the original; here’s where the follow-up was shot.

Part of the reason for such distinction is the actors’ ability to have fun throughout the production process. As discussed by Miller, had Tatum not done what he did during the comedy’s most well-known scene, perhaps it would’ve had a different impact than it did. However, because of their ability to improvise and have fun with each situation they were involved in, the sequel became an easy commercial hit and is still being quoted to this day.

Many spinoffs were announced after 22 Jump Street‘s success, including a crossover film between 21 Jump Street and Men in Black, but none came to fruition.

The future for the 21 Jump Street franchise seemed bright after the release of 22 Jump Street, but the planned sequel, 23 Jump Street, never happened. Despite initial interest, plans for 23 Jump Street have been scrapped due to development struggles, including the director, James Bobin, leaving the project. Hill also stated that such a crossover project was too “ambitious” since the end credits played on that joke. Miller and Phil Lord, the other 22 Jump Street co-director, are currently invested in Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse, so another Jump Street sequel likely won’t be in the works anytime soon.

Source: Christopher Miller/Twitter

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