Hijack Season 2: Will It Happen? Everything We Know


  • Idris Elba is open to returning for a possible second season of Hijack, but he has one requirement – he doesn’t want another hijacking storyline.
  • Hijack season 2 has not been confirmed yet, but Apple TV+ and the fans have shown interest in the show, with a 92% Rotten Tomatoes score.
  • The story details for Hijack season 2 are unknown at this time, but Elba is interested in seeing Sam Nelson in a new adventure, not a repeat of the first season’s story.

Hijack season 2 is a possibility, and Idris Elba has said he is interested in returning to the role in a second season. The first season saw Elba play Sam Nelson, a corporate business investigator who is on a plane going from Dubai to London that is hijacked by organized crime members acting as terrorists. Combining Idris Elba with a high-octane action premise is a clear fit, so much so that there was already intrigue for Hijack season 2 before season 1 had concluded.

It seems strange to have Hijack season 2 without repeating what happened in the first season, and as movies like Taken and Die Hard proved, its possible to have the same stories play out, but with different locations or a new antagonist. However, when it comes to Hijack, that can’t happen if Apple TV+ wants a second season with Idris Elba involved. The actor had one requirement for his return to the role of Sam Nelson for a second season — and that was not to have another hijacking in the follow-up. With that in mind, Hijack season 2 gets more complicated.

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Hijack Season 2 Recent News

The most recent Hijack season 2 news comes thanks to a quote from the show’s co-creator Jim Field Smith, talking about the possibility of the sequel. Smith co-created the series with George Kay, and said “Never say never on anything.” He also praised Idris Elba’s performance as Sam Nelson. Elba himself said that he would love to return as Sam, but he wanted it to be a different story and wouldn’t want it to be another hijacking. Smith agreed with that idea when he said:

“I think Sam as a character is really compelling, I think the way Idris portrays him is really compelling, and I think it would always be interesting to see how he would react in other situations, of course… Right now we’re just sort of enjoying seeing how the world’s reacting to it.”

Hijack Season 2 is Not Confirmed

Idris Elba in Hijack episode 2

Hijack season 2 is not confirmed by Apple TV+. However, Idris Elba has kept the door open for a possible return to the franchise, as long as it isn’t about another hijacking. Elba said that Apple loves the show and with a 92% Rotten Tomatoes score, it seems that the fans like it too. Elba said it’s “a good sign” but the story needs to be right to bring him back to the character.

Hijack Season 2 Cast

idris elba as sam in hijack in an airplane seat

When it comes to the Hijack season 2 cast, there is only one person who would likely return for the movie, Idris Elba as Sam Nelson. Sam was simply a corporate business negotiator and as Elba pointed out, Sam is not a police officer and the skills he used to help try to stop the hijacking situation aren’t in the toolkit of a stereotypical action hero. This unique selling point of the character gives them mileage to return in other scenarios beyond plane hijackings. The rest of the cast wouldn’t make sense when considering Elba’s conditions to return.

Hijack Season 2 Story Details

Idris Elba sitting in his seat staring in Hijack

There is no word on what a Hijack season 2 story would be about. All that is known is that Elba said he wouldn’t return if there was another hijacking. Instead, he wants to see Sam back in another adventure, but not a repeat of the first season’s story. “He’s not a cop — what would be the acceptable Sam Nelson return? And if I’m honest, I’m not sure. I’d like that, but I just don’t want to put him on another hijack. I’m open to that character coming back.

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