Hello Tomorrow! Season 2: Is It Happening? Everything We Know


  • Hello Tomorrow! season 2 has not been confirmed yet, but the audience reaction is a key factor in determining its success in the long run.
  • The returning cast members, including Billy Crudup and Nicholas Podany, are necessary for building upon the character growth established in season 1.
  • Season 2 of Hello Tomorrow! will likely explore the consequences of the unintended launch and Jack’s mistakes, leading to higher stakes in the future.

The Apple TV Plus original series Hello Tomorrow! delivered its promise of a brighter future during season 1, but will the show be getting a season 2? Set in a retro-futuristic world, Hello Tomorrow! follows a door-to-door timeshare salesman named Jack (Billy Crudup) who hopes to convince customers to buy houses on the moon. Besides its unique dramatic comedy tone and brilliant cast, Hello Tomorrow! stands out from the usual streaming fare because of its interesting vision that is nothing like the usual slick modern sci-fi seen elsewhere. Crudup leads the cast as Jack, but he is far from the only star to grace the 10-episode first season.

Though reviews of Hello Tomorrow! season 1 were mixed (via Rotten Tomatoes), its story showed enough promise to continue into subsequent installments. The audience reaction was much better, and that is the key to a show’s success in the long run. The best shows on Apple TV Plus push the boundaries of what is possible in streaming content, and Hello Tomorrow! season 2 has the chance to continue that trend if it ever does materialize. But like the future promised in the show, the future of Hello Tomorrow! is still uncertain.

Hello Tomorrow! Season 2 Is Not Confirmed

The first season of Hello Tomorrow! concluded in April 2023, and no news has come since regarding Hello Tomorrow! season 2. While Apple TV Plus has renewed other shows, such as The Big Door Prize, before its first season even concluded, that is an exception to the usual order of things. Different from network TV, which relies heavily on ratings, it can often take a while for the true popularity of a streaming show to materialize as more and more viewers discover the completed season on the platform. Despite the lack of announcements, the verdict on Hello Tomorrow! season 2 could come from Apple at any moment.

Hello Tomorrow! Season 2 Cast

Dewshane Williams, Hank Azaria & Haneefah Wood look on during a presentation in Hello Tomorrow

Hello Tomorrow! season 1 assembled an ensemble cast of performers that really stood as the glue that held the show together. Emmy winner Billy Crudup would have to return as Jack Billings if Hello Tomorrow! season 2 has any chance of succeeding. Along with Crudup, Nicholas Podany’s return as Joey Shorter would also be necessary to build upon the character growth between father and son during the debut season, and the season 1 cliffhanger seemed to show that the two had grown closer. Though her character was comatose for most of the season, Annie McNamara should also be expected to return as Marie to further explore her relationship with Jack.

Other supporting actors that could return include:


Hello Tomorrow! Role

Hank Azaria


Alison Pill


Haneefah Wood


Dewshane Williams

Herb Porter

Jackie Weaver


Dagmara DomiƄczyk


Michael Paul Chan


Matthew Maher

Lester Costopolous

Hello Tomorrow! Season 2 Story Details

Jack talks to Joey in Hello Tomorrow!

Hello Tomorrow! is all about consequences, and season 1 left some big outcomes still to be settled. The unintentional launch of the customers into space will affect the future of Jack’s business whether there are actual timeshares on the moon or not. Marie waking up from her coma introduced a new wrinkle in the life of Jack, but Jack will likely find some sort of angle to exploit in the future. Chances are, Jack’s mistakes will lead him to double down on his previous con jobs, and the stakes will likely grow even higher in Hello Tomorrow! season 2.

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