Green Lantern Finally Settles Exactly How Fast He Can Actually Travel


  • In Green Lantern #5, Hal Jordan uses his new Power Ring to reach speeds of up to Mach 12 to stop an out-of-control drone in Tokyo.
  • While his new ring can’t travel as fast as the Corps-issued Power Rings, Green Lantern can still fly at impressive speeds of over 9000 miles per hour.
  • The key to Green Lantern’s speed is his willpower, and with enough time, he could potentially surpass his previous abilities and travel faster than light speed once again.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Green Lantern #5!The mystery of how fast Green Lantern is has finally been solved. Hal Jordan’s greatest nemesis Sinestro comes back to endanger the Emerald Knight’s home. And in his determination to save his world from a collection of out-of-control drones, Green Lantern reveals how fast his new Power Ring is capable of going.

In Green Lantern #5 by Jeremy Adams and Xermanico, Sinestro has taken control of Ferris Air’s drones and is using them to attack various cities to incite fear among the population. Green Lantern takes out one in Las Vegas, but unfortunately, the nearest one to him is in Tokyo.

Green Lantern is off in an instant and pushes his new Power Ring as far as it can go. Hal notes that at his top speed, he can hit Mach 11, potentially even 12, and hopes that it’s fast enough to catch the next drone. Fortunately, it is, and with a few other tricks, he stops the next drone.

Green Lantern’s New Power Ring Can Hit Mach 12 Speeds

Green Lantern Mach 12 Speeds

Despite Hal Jordan being one of the most loyal members of the Green Lantern Corps, he called it quits when the United Planets assumed control of his beloved organization. No longer a Green Lantern, Hal was stripped of his Power Ring. But it wasn’t long before Hal wound up fashioning a ring of his own. With a Power Ring on his finger again, Hal began experimenting to see what his new weapon could do. Unfortunately, while his new ring isn’t capable of interstellar travel, Green Lantern can still fly as long as he stays in orbit. Any further and his ring fizzles out, sending Hal plummeting to Earth.

Green Lantern has boasted that he can reach phenomenal speeds before and he wasn’t wrong. The rings of Green Lantern Corps members can travel through transluminal space and go faster than light speed. However, Hal isn’t wearing a Corps-issued Power Ring anymore, he’s using one fashioned from his own willpower. While Green Lantern can’t travel as fast as he used to, his new ring still allows him to reach speeds of over 9000 miles an hour (impressive speeds for someone not connected to the Speed Force). Hal might be a bit slower than he’s used to, but with his willpower, it’s not impossible he could become even faster.

Green Lantern’s Willpower is the Key to His Speed

Hal Jordan in DC Comics and the DC Universe

Willpower is the name of the game when it comes to Green Lantern’s skills. It’s because of Hal’s levels of willpower that he was able to generate a new ring and reach Mach 12 to stop the out-of-control drone. But if there’s one thing Hal’s known for, it’s pushing his willpower to levels that defy even the Guardians of the Universe’s comprehension. Hal might only be able to hit about 9000 miles per hour right now with his new Power Ring. But given enough time, Green Lantern could be traveling faster than light speed just like he used to.

Green Lantern #5 is on sale now from DC Comics.